Wednesday, June 13, 2018

5 Western Media Myths Of Trump-Kim Summit

Members of the media work as part of coverage of the summit between North Korea and the U.S. in Singapore June 11, 2018. (REUTERS Photo)

Zero Hedge: Career State Department Officer Rages: 5 Media Myths Of Trump-Kim Summit

In the midst of Tuesday's historic Trump-Kim summit and accompanying myriad pundits giving their hot takes on mainstream news networks, 24-year State Department veteran and geopolitics expert Peter Van Buren began an epic rant on twitter with the following: "If you're keeping score at home, every pundit and MSM head who claimed the summit would never happen, or Trump would blow up, is now 100% and forever wrong. Still watching CNN????"

Van Buren is best known as a whistleblower who was ousted from a successful career as a foreign service officer after he chronicled the astronomical amount of US government waste, fraud, criminality and abuse in post-Saddam Iraq based on his experience leading two reconstruction teams for the State Department.

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WNU Editor: What I find striking in the media coverage of the Singapore Summit are the differences in the analysis from the Western Press on what happened in Singapore .... and what the news agencies in Asia are saying. In the West ... overwhelming critical of President Trump and the summit's outcome. In Asia .... it is overwhelmingly positive on every level. So who is right?


Michael Feldhake said...

WNU Editor - I hope that's a rhetorical question :)
Western Media is corrupt, its not strange that all news broadcasts start with an "ALERT - ALERT", this is all about capturing attention and gaining market share. Personally, I think we need to loose the rating system on Media outlets, so content rather than viewership is measured.

fred lapides said...

I had sent you a link that suggests that in North Korea they are telling the public about concessions made that we have not been told in the jointly released comment to the world press. Now if that is the case, why badmouth the Western media? here then is the link to what is being told in North Korea


B.Poster said...

Actually it is a shame that bandwidth even needs to be spent debunking the five myths. They are such common sense, at least to anyone who is paying attention and is not ideologically blind, that it really shouldn't be necessary. Unfortunately apparently it is.


Thank you for the link. With all due respect this contains nothing new. Anyone who has been paying attention is aware of these things. I am a bit concerned about the "security guarantees." I'm not sure how we are going to be able to do that and where are the security guarantees from NK for America? With that said the current diplomatic process appears to have greatly reduced tensions. I'm cautiously optimistic this can be worked out.

As to the suspension of military drills somehow being a concession, very respectfully this is downright silly. The authors in the link posted by the editor should put that one to rest. If not, experiential common sense should work. Given the current process, it would have or should have been so obvious that military drills would be suspended that it would not or should not have been necessary to actually explain this.

As to the statement by the Chinese expert that it is almost "to good to be true" what to make of such a statement? I suggest one of three possibilities. 1.)There have been a number of reports in the past of US presidential administrations dealing treacherously. Having a POTUS and his team who are actually acting in good faith may very seem "to good to be true" to this man. Remember for this to work we will need Chinese assistance on this and someday soon we are going to renegotiate our trade relations with them. 2.)He is part of a faction wishing to undermine the peace process. As I have stated here before, it seems highly likely that there are factions in China, Russia, and NK that don't want this process to succeed. 3.)The man is a total bumbling idiot. We have ours. It seems only reasonable that they would have theirs.

Trump's approach appears to be based on the realization that after decades of perpetual war especially in the first two decades of the 21st century America MUST have peace. Once this is understood, I think Trump's policies and approaches will make sense.

B.Poster said...

The fact that it appears 70% of Americans are supportive of this process and 80+% of South Koreans are as well suggests that Americans and probably South Koreans are currently seeing through the false messaging of the western media. While it shouldn't have even been necessary to post the 5 myths, it clearly must be and it is important to constantly be giving people the truth to counteract false messaging.

The words of support from Moon are encouraging. I've noticed that EXTRAORDINARY to protect South Korea and its interests has been taken by team Trump throughout this process. Frankly this is often being done at the expense of our own interests. It is gratifying to see that the man appreciates this!!

War News Updates Editor said...

Fred, those concessions and understandings are in the Singapore document. What North Korea is saying is nothing new. See here ....

fred lapides said...

and then there is this via South Korea