Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Beware Of The Poison Pen

HAVE YOU GOT A PEN? North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un inked a joint statement with a pen provided by his sister rather than the one provided

Daily Mail: How to avoid a poisoned pen? Kim Jong-un's security wiped down Sharpie the U.S. provided for signing ceremony – and then dictator's sister swapped in a different one at the last second

  * There was a moment of intrigue before President Trump and Kim Jong-un inked a 'joint statement' at their summit meeting
  * A North Korean official approached the desk where the statement was placed
  * He wore white gloves and proceeded to wipe down the pen awaiting Kim
  * Then Kim's sister Kim Yo-jong took out a pen from her own pocket
  * That is the deal that Kim used to sign the agreement
  * Kim also reportedly traveled with his own toilet
  * Speculation he doesn't want DNA evidence collected or his health monitored
  * 'They have a well-founded fear of somebody learning something about his health'

North Korea's government put on a display of what could be germaphobia, paranoia – or a grounded fear of snooping – as an aide carefully swabbed a pen before dictator Kim Jong-un signed a joint statement in Singapore.

In the moments before Kim sat down with President Donald Trump to ink a joint statement after the first meeting between leaders of the two countries, a male security aide wearing white gloves grabbed the black pen laid out for Kim's use.

As the world watched at around 2 am New York time, a member of Kim's security team swabbed the instrument repeatedly with a white cloth of some kind.

Then, when Kim and Trump entered the room, Kim's sister, Kim Yo-jong, reached in front of her brother and provided him with a different pen that she took from a pocket in her jacket.

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WNU Editor:  Kim Jong-un's sister is always in the background .... watching over everything and everyone.


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I would love to see the reaction if trump came strolling in with an umbrella...

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