Friday, June 22, 2018

Is Nicaragua Heading Down The Same Dark Path As Venezuela?

Margarita Herdocia, Time: Nicaragua Is Heading Down the Same Dark Path as Venezuela

While the world watches Venezuela’s slow, cancerous death, Nicaragua is in full cardiac arrest. Since protests began on April 18, the government of President Daniel Ortega has been accused of using “lethal force” and at least 146 people have died. Hundreds more are wounded or missing and the body of a U.S. citizen was found shot dead on June 2. Without international intervention, the collapse of my country could create a new cycle of war and destruction in this precarious region.

I am a mother and a businesswoman, managing several American franchise restaurants across Nicaragua with over 650 employees. The first tremors came in April, when demonstrations against the Ortega regime, largely led by students, started in Managua and quickly spread to cities across the country. The government’s reaction was swift, and in the first few days dozens were killed by police and paramilitary forces using live rounds of ammunition.

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Update: Will Nicaragua be the next Venezuela? (Evan Romero-Castillo, DW)

WNU Editor: Will Nicaragua be the next Venezuela? The answer is a sad yes. Ortega, Maduro/Cahvez, the Castros until recently, Morales .... when they have power they are loathed to give it away, and in the case of Nicaragua .... Ortega is rapidly becoming the mirror version of another past Nicaraguan dictator .... Samoza.


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Nicaragua better hope its not the next Syria.

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