Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Afghan Taliban Are Promising A Bright Future Once The 'U.S. Invaders' Leave

Taliban militants appear at an undisclosed location in Afghanistan. Reuters

Reuters: Taliban assure Afghans of bright future once U.S. 'invaders' leave

KABUL (Reuters) - The Taliban told “American invaders” to leave Afghanistan in an announcement marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, assured the people of a bright future under Islamic rule and said it had already liberated “vast areas” of the country.

The Taliban, who announced a surprise three-day ceasefire over the Eid holiday, except against foreign forces, also denounced the U.S. relocation of its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, which “further exposes the absolute hatred of American officials towards Islam”.

Taliban leader Sheikh Haibatullah Akhunzada said in the statement that Afghans’ salvation lay in “American and other occupying forces” leaving and repeated a call for talks with the United States.

“If the American officials truly believe in a peaceful end to the Afghan imbroglio, then they must directly present themselves at the negotiation table,” Akhunzada said.

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WNU Editor: The Taliban have done nothing but caused mayhem and destruction in Afghanistan .... starting with inviting Al Qaeda to establish their bases in the country in the late 1990s. There will be no "bright future" in Afghanistan if they should ever assume power. The question that still remains unanswered is .... who will the Afghans fight for? Will they fight for a corrupt and dysfunctional Afghan government, or will they fight for the Taliban and their extremist views.

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