Wednesday, June 13, 2018

U.S. - North Korean Talks Have Made China And Russia Feel Left Out

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Sputnik: China, Russia May Have Misgivings Over Trump-Kim Deal, Analysts Say

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Pyongyang and most of its neighbors will likely benefit the most from the US-North Korea rapprochement if it truly leads to regional stability although China may see it as a possible strategic setback and Russia may feel left out in the cold, analysts told Sputnik.

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met at the summit in Singapore and committed the United States and North Korea to establishing new bilateral relations and building a lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Trump and Kim signed an agreement at the end of a bilateral summit outlining the two countries’ commitment to work towards the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. The US president gave North Korea security assurances and indicated he would suspend military drills with South Korea, if Pyongyang gives up its nuclear development program.

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WNU Editor:  This is one of those weird situations where China and Russia are in the loop on what is happening with North Korea, but they no longer have the influence and clout that they once had over the Hermit Kingdom. This is going to take some time for both Beijing and Moscow to get use to .... that Pyongyang will no longer be solely dependent on them for its well-being. But I predict that the bigger shock will be in Pyongyang itself .... when Kim and his government realize (if not already)  that they do not need to be dependent on just China and Russia .... that there are many other countries who are eager to open a new page with North Korea if they should decide to take it. I always say that if you can easily diversify your business into other products .... your company will succeed. The same can be said about international relations. Diversifying your international political relations can only bring benefits .... and on multiple levels. But you have to take that step to accomplish it. North Korea decided early this year to take that step. I can only hope that everuyone succeeds.

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