Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Was This G7 The Most Honest Summit Ever?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s staff provided another view of the setting. Pic: Adam Scotti/Prime Minister’s Office/Handout via REUTERS

Mike Callaghan, Lowy Interpreter: G7: the most honest summit – ever!

US President Donald Trump’s performance last week at the G7 summit at La Malbaie, Canada, may have thrown the G7 into disarray and left US–Canada relations in tatters, but he may have done the world of international summitry a service when he withdrew US endorsement of the summit communiqué – even if his motivation for doing so was a fit of pique in response to comments from the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

It is to be hoped that Trump’s performance may encourage greater transparency in future summits on the actual state of negotiations between countries, avoiding the pretence that a consensus has been achieved.

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WNU Editor: With the exception of the Italian Prime Minister who was new to the job, and Japanese PM Abe who was more focused on the upcoming Singapore Summit between Trump and North Korea,  the other members were focused on having a fight. And unlike past US Presidents .... President Trump is someone who will always fight back .... and fight publicly he did. This was definitely an honest G7 .... and guess what .... there is going to be another one next year.

Update: I asked a long time friend of mine in the Liberal Party (i.e. Justine Trudeau's Party) if there is any truth to this .... What Trudeau did to set Trump off. It will surprise you! (Brian Lilley). He does not know .... but he would not be surprised. t would fit in with how the Prime Minister behaves, and the need for him and his government to always have a wedge issue to rally their base.


Anonymous said...

Remember the Trump visit to the NATO summit in 2017? The one were Obama creeped behind him meeting Euros after they met Trump? Merkel met Obama for instance. I do think Trump is aware that some of the G7 leaders are organized #Resistnce members. I think there is animosity on a personal level among the G7 to account for the blow up.

B.Poster said...


Canadian PM Trudeau deliberately sought to undermine and humiliate Trump in the run up to his meeting with Kim Jong Un in a calculated attempt to try and cause it to fail. Was this pettiness or sheer malice?

Judging by the reaction of team Trump they appear to think it was malice. Given that thwre has been no apology and others have doubled down on This, it appears to be malice. Had it been simple pettiness I think cooler heads would have prevailed.

I think POTUS expected intense disagreements and tough negotiations. Furthermore I think he knew he would be distracted by the upcoming NK negotiations and by the illness of his wife and that others would try and capitalise on this. I don't think he expected the vicious personal attack by the Canadian PM or the others. He will be aware in the future.

To have done this in a flagrant and calculating attempt to undermine NK negotiations that America NEEDS is as close to unforgivable as one can get. It won't be forgotten.

The "pushed around" stunt/remark was/is patently ridiculous. If there were legitimate concerns, they could have easily been addressed in private among the affected parties.

Instead someone sought to undermine very important negotiations where millions of American lives potentially hang in the balance out of malice for POTUS or worse malice toward Americans. It won't be forgotten. Blowback will come. Blowback tends to be a real b!tech. THANK GOD Treadeua efforts failed.