Thursday, July 12, 2018

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Sends President Trump A Note On Current Peace And Reconciliation Talks

FOX News: Kim Jong Un sends Trump a 'very nice' letter, teases possible 2nd meeting

President Trump on Thursday said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sent him a “very nice note” on future relations between the United States and North Korea, days after the Hermit Kingdom slammed “regrettable” talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s delegation.

In the letter dated July 6, Kim thanked Trump for his “energetic and extraordinary efforts” to improve the once hostile relations between the two countries. Trump tweeted the signed letter, saying it was a “very nice note” and that “great progress was being made.”

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WNU Editor: The first that I learned when I started to work in China in the mid-1980s is that everything takes time, and when it comes to diplomacy and business .... the Chinese will want to take the time to know more about you before they start to open up to you. This is what we are now witnessing with North Korea. I mentioned last week that the U.S. is now entering a phase with North Korea where strategic patience is going to be very important. And while critics are very quick to point out that there is no progress that one can boast about .... I differ .... the fact that we are at this stage with North Korea is incredible. IMHO .... the North Koreans do want to change, but we have to cater to their timetable, and we will have to listen to the advice and guidance of the South Korean government who have a very good indea on what is happening in Pyongyang. My prediction .... I do not expect much to happen with North Korean for the rest of 2018, but we will be seeing movement in 2019, and definitely in 2020.

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Anonymous said...

Catering to their time table is unacceptable risk to the US. There needs to be a deadline established (whatever it is based on current Intel) that limits the risk of a country that was the first to threaten the US and its allies with -nuclear- war...conflict and disagreements are one thing, but when north Korea was the first to threaten the world with nuclear war over disagreements, they went one iota too far. They already have 65 nukes. How many more do they need until you realise that a handful might make it through already (perhaps only Guam but with a bit of help by China - financial or otherwise. .they'll wash their hands clean of course. .could reach San Francisco and with it destroy the tech edge of the US over its enemies likely forever. It would be a history altering event and unless we all decide to die in a nuclear retaliation and counter retaliation exchange, western values will be gone and Russia/China can divide the world slowly among them

While I agree this event is not likely to occur, it is of such consequences that it must be taken seriously and accounted for in any acceptable risk assessment. Therfore the deadline must be established by the US.let's not forget it was China that killed already tens of thousands of American soldiers during the first Korean war when China decided to come to their help before. Let's also not forget that China has been caught selling the mobile missile launchers to north Korea and even the very rocket fuel (a banned product!) that will power north Korean rockets. Let's also not forget that China stands to win the world, quite literally here. A tempting gamble. The alternative to China will be to lose a trade war,be exposed for their gdp manipulations and projected to crash housing markets in 2-3 years. That's the choices they're pondering and since they clearly are influencing Kim again this has to be taken seriously. So no, wnu...more progress must be made and faster. It is not acceptable to be asked to accommodate for their feelings and their treatment considerations when THEY threatened us with nuclear war first and THEY violated the international WMD arms ban and THEY lied to us for decades already.


Anonymous said...

Since NK cannot live indefinitely under current sanctions, these negotiations have a predictable end point.

When that end is, how many ups and downs, and what the final agreement is, is just a guessing game.
But a treaty will happen, because the alternative is collapse or war for NK, which means death for all of the upper leadership. That isn't going to happen.

Anonymous said...

I agree patience is needed as long as the DPRK doesn't advance either its nuclear weapons nor ICBM programs. Patience is needed since Trump is using many pressure points against DPRK, one of them is China and the US and China are entering unknown territory with the worlds biggest trade war underway. DPRK doesn't take a leak without Emperor Xi's say so.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1, let's also not forget that 10% of the entire Korean population died in the war. The Koreans surely have not forgotten.

Smart move by Kim, write a gaudy, flattering personal letter to a man whose acute narcissism is only exceeded by his love of cheeseburgers. Flattery will get Kim everywhere and buy him plenty of time.

Anonymous said...

Guys honestly the north Koreans had decades (!) and have lied and stalled for decades (!) and Kim is a known and well documented mass murderer (!). If real progress is not achieved very soon, it must be clear that he's further stalling. Satellite evidence seems to suggest the opposite of a reduction of work on nuclear material. Also, sanctions are clearly not working anymore. When they were working and north Korea was running out of money they couldn't wait to meet in Singapore. Remember? It was just s month ago when Kim couldn't even afford the hotel rooms in Singapore,ie was desperately in need of cash. After the China visit, however, the cash problem seems to be gone. It isn't the first time that China helped north Korea break sanctions. It happened dozen of times. So there's no real pressure on Kim and he doesn't even meet with Pompeo and humiliated him by instead going to a potato farm, then humiliated him again to post after the meeting that he was a gangster. So both in words and actions these guys are not playing along, instead they treat the USA very disrespectful and even the latest letter by Kim to Trump is just full of hot air. I advise you all of not being lulled again and again down that road like you forgot who we're dealing with. My advise is to resume the military drills if no concrete timeliness are provided within the next two weeks. Also the north Koreans tried to sell the dead, the fallen soldiers, back to the US. Talk about despicable. This is who you're bending backwards over to give more and more time WHILE being insulted, after Trump met with Kim? You gotta check yourselves

Anonymous said...

We need to understand the Asian mind, as noted, and not simply think they are dismissive:

"North Koreans Fail to Show Up to Scheduled Meeting with US
The nations were slated to discuss repatriation of US soldiers' remains"
Westerners would think this is rude. No. It is subtle courtesy

Anonymous said...

Vietnam made America pay for the efforts involved in recovering remains. This isn't new.