Thursday, July 12, 2018

The 'Dark Side' To U.S. Military Missions In Africa That Train And Advise Local Armies

U.S. and Cameroonian special forces at the Silent Warrior exercise in 2013. Credit: Master Sgt. Larry W. Carpenter Jr./ US Air Force

James Fahy, Task & Purpose: The Dark Side Of America’s ‘Train, Advise, And Assist’ Missions

Cameroon, the central African country once known as an oasis of stability amongst volatile neighbors, is falling apart. Recent disturbing images emerging depict a country descending into violent civil war as the Cameroonian government fights to quash an Anglophone separatist movement. Thousands of innocent civilians have fled to neighboring Nigeria and Chad to avoid the violent atrocities orchestrated by both sides.

The most notable among some of these recent images, however, is the participation of members of Cameroon’s elite Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), a unit previously investigated for humanitarian abuses that have also been trained and equipped by the American military.

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WNU Editor: This is not the first time that people are raising questions on the effectiveness of U.S. military training for these African countries. This blog has been raising these issues for years .... Mali's Coup Leader Received U.S. Military Training (March 23, 2012).

Update: Here is one reason on why Cameroon is important to the U.S. military .... The American Drone Base in Cameroon (Center For The Study Of The Drone).


Aizino Smith said...

In a world where nearly every region or country is very imperfect finding perfect allies to do business with is nil.

If you say you are going to protect your own country while only working with perfect allies, then you mean to say that you won't and you can't.

Germany, France and Germany are not anywhere near perfect and if they are not, who is?

Aizino Smith said...

"it is doubtful that policymakers have given informed consideration as to why the U.S. military is in Cameroon — or, even more worrying, the potentially bloody long-term effects of those training missions there. The lack of conversation over why U.S. military personnel are currently in harm’s way in Africa speaks to civil disengagement with what the military is doing and where it is operating" - Fahy

So? So what!

There are 195 countries in the world. Some of those are the size of postage stamps. You literally can fit them on the back of an envelope. A dozen at a time. Congress cannot keep up?

Maybe we need a new congress?

But you know Senator Schumer is so busy investigating breakfast food prices.

Maybe if worthless people stopped tilting at windmills, they would have time to know about the top 100 or 120 countries in the world.

Aizino Smith said...

"Studies have shown that American military presence in Africa has contributed to the backlash against local governments and the United States, and that sustained American military engagement in these advisory missions makes military coups more likely."

Yeah sure.

No link

It is not like colonel or a general could tell a leader of another nation, If there are x number of abuses, we'll depose you" Because the Left would never agree to that ... unless they were in charge. For example Libya where the mouselion S. Power roared.