Thursday, September 20, 2018

Russian President Putin Tests A New Sniper Rifle

Daily Mail: Putin the sniper: Russian leader achieves three successful 'kill shots' from 2,000 feet as he tests latest Kalashnikov rifle

* Putin was pictured taking to the ranges on Wednesday at Moscow's Patriot Park
* Three out of five shots taken by the President were accurate enough to kill
* He was testing the Kalashnikov-designed Chukavin sniper's rifle, SVCh-308

Vladimir Putin proved himself a deadly killer today as video emerged of the Russian President testing a sniper rifle.

The Kremlin strongman hit the head, liver and abdomen of a static target at 1,968 feet as he took to the ranges on Wednesday at the at the Patriot park in Moscow region.

Three of his five shots were accurate enough to kill with the Kalashnikov-designed Chukavin sniper's rifle known as the SVCh-308.

The other two missed the target.

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Update: Sniper Putin: Russian president tests new Kalashnikov marksman rifle (VIDEOS) -- RT

WNU editor: They say that three of the five shots hit the target 1,968 feet away. Hmmmm .... I am skeptical.


Daniel said...

"The Kremlin strongman" at least he's not a highlander.

Anonymous said...

That vid was absolute crap. Notice how scared they are to be normal around those dudes sighted the weapon and weird old vampire Vlad waltz in and pretends to be a sniper.

AZuLike said...

In Russia you don't shoot gun. Gun shoot you!

Anonymous said...

Best President ever

Carl said...

The record for the longest sniper shot is 3,540 meters, a few times further than the shots Putin reportedly took with that Kalashnikov. I'd say they dialed it back.