Friday, October 12, 2018

Papua New Guinea Government Prefers To Buy 40 Maserati Cars While A New Polio Outbreak Is Happening

Photo: AirBridgeCargo Airlines have operated two consecutive charters with 40 brand new Maserati Quattroporte on board. (AirBridgeCargo Airlines)

ABC News Online: PNG government splurges on 40 Maseratis for APEC leaders as polio returns to the country

The Papua New Guinea government has sparked outrage after purchasing 40 custom-made Maserati cars — specially flown in from Italy — to be used by some of the world's top leaders during this year's APEC summit.

It has been revealed the PNG government plans to use the luxury cars for just one week of the APEC meeting, and then sell them off to recover the costs.

The Maserati Quattroporte sedans, which retail in Australia for between $209,000 and $345,000, were delivered to Port Moresby from Milan earlier this week in two chartered Boeing 747 cargo planes.

PNG's minister for APEC, Justin Tkatchenko, told the ABC that the APEC authority had paid for the fleet, which would be used by world leaders during the leaders' week in November.

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WNU Editor: It appears that image trumps combating a polio outbreak .... at least in Papua New Guinea.


fred said...

Scary right? no. read the articles. Help is coming to deal with the polio...if Trump can meet with a rap artist nutter in White House while Florida suffering deaths and devestation why can not this nation prepare for a visit from APEC?

Roger Smith said...

Fred, you're right. Trump could have gone out into that storm, spread his arms wide, and declared "Fred sent me". Voila! End of storm.

Anonymous said...

Fred never did understand the concepts of delegation or management by exception. It is why the whole military career did not happen.

"Those Who Can, Do; Those Who Can't, Teach."

We have a FEMA administrator to whom Trump has DELEGATED responsibilities to.

When the administrator is overwhelmed by the size or scope of the problem he sends a request for more resources up the chain of command.

It also helps if state and local officials request help. In Katrina some pig headed Democrats refused to do so.

It also helps if Democrat in control of an area actually make investments into infrastructure to repair things like pumps. But they used that money for other things and so we had the 9th ward situation.