Wednesday, October 3, 2018

US-China Military Tensions Are Increasing

Soldiers of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China arrive on their armoured vehicles at Tiananmen Square during the military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two, in Beijing, China, September 3, 2015 Reuters

Business Insider: Tensions between the US and China are escalating to 'dangerous' levels as talks break down and military activity increases

* Tensions between Washington and Beijing have been on the rise in recent weeks as the two sides battle it out over a wide range of issues.
* China has reportedly called off security talks with the US, the latest in a string of warning signs that the bilateral relationship is deteriorating.
* While one senior Chinese official said Friday there is "no cause for panic," US officials argue that the situation is escalating and is becoming increasingly "dangerous" for both sides.

China has unexpectedly canceled an important security dialogue with US officials, the latest sign of trouble in the embattled bilateral relationship.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis canceled a trip to Beijing originally scheduled for mid-October after China informed the US that Chinese officials would not be available to meet him for the annual diplomatic and security dialogue.

This is the second senior-level meeting China has canceled in a week, as tensions between the US and China boil. Chinese Vice Adm. Shen Jinlong suddenly called off a meeting with his American counterpart, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson.

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Update: Amid trade spat, US-China military tensions soar (AFP)

WNU Editor: This is a wake-call on what is happening .... First Photos Of A Confrontation Between The USS Decatur And A Chinese Navy Warship In The South China Sea Have Been Made Public.


Anonymous said...

A Suez moment appears to be coming within the next 20 years. America's inexorable decline continues, due to a false sense of well-being experienced by the current sugar high of an inflated stock market and massive deficits.

Moral rot, a dumbed down, drug-addled populace and aging population of demented baby-boomers sucking up trillions of dollars while they waste away in nursing homes and retirement communities will bankrupt this wretched country once the dollar is no longer aa reserve currency.

And don't forget global warming and the trillions of dollars, that won't be available, of damage and dislocation that await. It's alright though, the baby boomers will all be dead and won't have to suffer the consequences.

fazman said...

Michael Feldhake said...

Your smoking some good stuff, can you share ?? LOL!

Blackdog said...

War News Updates Editor said...

Thank you Blackdog and fazman for your links.

King Aragon said...

To hell with China

Anonymous said...

Haha yeah that guy is such a troll
I tell you all my business buddies who used to produce exclusively in china either have moved to SE Asia or are considering. For simple goods the best market is Cambodia. For advanced technical goods like cell phones the best manufacturing market is now Thailand followed by Vietnam. I know. I've been doing business in these markets for almost 2 decades now. Don't trust me? Check where the largest samsung plant is. Not in south Korea (where they are from). The world is moving on for quite some time now away from China. I've been seeing this for quite some time now. Meanwhile you have thousands - not hundreds, but thousands of empty sky scrapers in China now. And you have many skyscrapers in China with people in it and those sky scrapers have been rushed to be built with no building codes in place. You don't know if they're capable of withstanding earthquakes of eg 5, 6 or 7.all occurring in eastern and northern China. Then you have the internal war against religious minorities in China with several million being "reeducated " - and priests being abducted. Then the debt in China is higher than in the US.on top their markets have contracted by nearly 30% since the trade war started. China was half the economic size -before the trade war- and -before- markets had adjusted to the fact that satellite extrapolations (night lights etc) show that China might have inflated their gdp reports by up to 30%. This battle or war is over before it began and Trump 's genius was not to believe in CNN's almost weekly stories the prior years that a rising China would be unstoppable. He looked at the already troubled and in-debted market of China that's heavily dependent on the US and called it. Now that's history making right there and it's time to get behind this guy. He is your president too. Be proud of it and help.

Anonymous said...

On top of all that - China, by being complete idiots -have pissed of all neighbouring nations through their bullying tactics in the south China Sea, their ridiculous 9 dash claim and their border disputes. China is always one step away from war with India (a nuclear nation capable of kicking china's as, and India has alliance with the US), Japan is militarising like never before due to china's threat, and China was almost at war with Vietnam last year because the Chinese didn't want a Vietnamese oil platform in what the Chinese claim is their waters (but no one agrees )..same with Australia, Singapore. .the list goes on

In short. China is f*cked and its market is contracting while they have debt issues - they spent like they believed in this Chinese century nonsense that cnn told us. They truly believed in it and many Chinese still do. Well. .the nationalists do. Those that have seen China fall before - the elderly - knew to save their money while time was good. They never trusted the Chinese gov. Good for them. The rest will have a very hard awakening and will not want to believe it. Because for nearly 3 decades - everyone who is 30 or younger - they have been told about a "deserved, righteous place under the sun" - just like colonial Nazi Germany believed their government in the early half of the 19th century. All the signs are there and China better understand that if it goes the German route of expansion by war it will lose. .China is now fully encircled by nations that do not wish them well. Not because those nations are bad but because they all almost got attacked and some were attacked and bullied by China. Good luck above china troll

Anonymous said...

Even the Philippines - arguably the only Chinese partner left in that region - has had it
Before Philippine's president's son was discovered to have ties to the Chinese drug mafia, Duterte was much stronger against China. Now he has to be careful because his son seems to deal in drugs big time - and as many readers know, Duterte brags about his human rights record of executing drug dealers or even suspected drug dealers. Once Duterte is gone the chinese grip on Philippines's military will be gone too

Anonymous said...

While I tend to agree, let's be cautious in how we use our words. Our issues - and I think you'd agree - is not with the common man or woman in China. They often don't know what their government does and if you think or population is poorly educated or mislead by the media - go visit china outside of shanghai or Hong Kong. There you'll find the most outrageous anti western propaganda and human rights violations. So yeah. .we disagree and diss china sometimes but by that we mean the Chinese party - the government and the failing winnie the poo bear Xi