Friday, October 12, 2018

Venezuelan President Maduro Says The Trump Administration Has Ordered Colombia To Kill Him

Reuters: Maduro says Trump administration wants to have him killed

CARACAS (Reuters) - Socialist Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the Trump administration on Thursday of seeking to assassinate him, as relations strain between the ideologically opposed nations.

Asked about Maduro’s comments, a spokesman for the White House’s National Security Council said: “U.S. policy preference for a peaceful, orderly return to democracy in Venezuela remains unchanged.”

Venezuela’s opposition says Maduro lobs ludicrous accusations at enemies to deflect from his own incompetence.

Almost 2 million Venezuelans have fled the ailing oil-rich nation since 2015, driven out by brutal food and medicine shortages, hyperinflation, and violent crime.

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WNU Editor: Considering the havoc and damage that the Maduro regime has imposed on Venezuela, he should be more worried about his fellow Venezuelans than the U.S..

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juan valdez said...

Since the Monroe Doctrine there has been a clear connection of interests between the United States and Latin America. Arguing the morality and benefits of this connection is of course a deeply controversial and perilous task, but it is clear that the image of the United States meddling in Latin American affairs is one that is well entrenched and likely difficult to shift.

Anonymous said...

Last time the U.S. intervened in Venezuela under the Monroe doctrine, it was to keep Britain and others from turning Venezuela into a colony.

Someone thinks they are freaking cute, when in reality, they are quite stupid.–1903

"Is there a Chavez terror network on America’s doorstep?" - WaPoo

Hans Persson said...


Anonymous said...

We have record of involving ourselves.
After all, America is all that is south of Canada to the tip of the continent...or was thought of as such at one time

Anonymous said...


The trolling is just nonstop by the religious and the paid.

jac said...

Maduro and Erdogan are the two clowns of the planet.