Thursday, October 11, 2018

World News Briefs -- October 11, 2018 (Evening Edition)

New York Post: Trump, Xi to meet amid trade war tensions

The White House is moving ahead with plans for President Trump to sit down with China’s leader amid increasing tensions between the two countries over trade during a G-20 summit meeting next month in Argentina, according to a report Thursday.

The Trump administration — pushed by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow — has been in contact in recent days with Beijing to go ahead with the meeting with President Xi Jinping in Buenos Aires, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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US ramps up pressure on Saudis over Jamal Khashoggi.

Turkey releases names of 15 Saudi suspects in Khashoggi murder.

Erdogan presses Riyadh for footage of missing journalist.

Syria Kurds say they hold 900 foreign IS fighters.

Israel says destroys Hamas attack tunnel from Gaza.

Iran's Khamenei orders officials to resolve economic crisis.

Iranians stock up as U.S. sanctions damage Iranian economy.

Israel’s Netanyahu appears poised to call early elections.


U.S. tightens controls on China imports of nuclear components.

S. Korea walks back on possibly lifting sanctions on North.

Indonesia calls off its search for tsunami-quake victims with 5,000 people still missing and the official death toll standing at 2,065.

UN reports 8,000 Afghan civilian casualties so far in 2018.

Three soldiers killed in bomb blast in NW Pakistan.

Maldives election commissioners flee alleging threats. Maldives court to hear strongman's election challenge.

China, Russia, North Korea call for adjusted sanctions ahead of denuclearisation.

China's Xinjiang region legalizes Muslim internment camps.

Beijing ‘looking into joining trans-Pacific trade pact’ to hedge against US.

Deadly Cyclone Titli pounds eastern India.

Yasukuni Shrine: Chief priest to quit after criticising Japan's emperor.


Italy’s PM visits Ethiopia and then Eritrea to support peace.

UAE violating Somalia arms embargo: Report.

Zimbabwe arrests protest organizers as economy plunges.

Zimbabwe: Transaction tax causing a cash crisis.

Zimbabwe's KFC 'has no money to buy chickens'.

Former Nigeria president endorses opposition candidate.

Egypt: Military court sentences 17 to death for church bombings.

Ethiopia creates ministry of peace.

Africa's 'youngest' billionaire kidnapped in Tanzania.

Ebola could spread from DRC to Uganda, Rwanda, WHO warns.


Merkel allies brace for big setback in German state election.

Serbia abolishes visa-free travel with Iran over EU pressure.

Space crew survives plunge to Earth after Russian rocket fails.

Russia opens criminal probe after rocket malfunction forces emergency landing.

Brexit negotiators eye Monday breakthrough, Northern Irish party ups the ante.

Alarm bells for Merkel as Bavarian allies face election slump.

Russian Orthodox Church to break ties with Constantinople: Interfax.

MH17: Bellingcat probing whether Russian spies compromised Malaysian investigators.

Search for missing after 15 killed in Europe floods.

Ukraine wins approval for historic split from Russian church.


‘Unimaginable destruction’: Hurricane smashes rows of houses.

Trump steps up his attacks on Federal Reserve’s rate hikes.

US Senators trigger law forcing Trump to probe Saudi journalist's disappearance.

US Senators demand answers on Trump administration backing of Saudi coalition in Yemen.

Trump calls 'loco' Federal Reserve 'too aggressive'.

Trump says Chinese 'lived too well for too long'.

Trump touts black support in Kanye West lunch.

Canada should choose free trade with China, not US protectionism – Beijing.

Solar-powered drug tunnel discovered on Mexican border with California.

Harvey Weinstein wins dismissal of one criminal charge.

Melania Trump: 'I'm the most bullied person on the world'.


Burkina Faso attacks open new front in France's anti-terror fight.

Libya's eastern forces arrest top Egyptian al-Qaeda fighter.

Tarek Khayat: Islamic State commander and suspected Etihad plane bomb plot leader sentenced to death.


Stocks plunge again on wide selling; Dow drops another 545.

Facebook says it purged more than 800 spam accounts, pages.

Mnuchin plays down US market swoon as global rout rolls on.

Business tycoon Frank Stronach suing family over fortune.

Lagarde defends rate hikes after Trump's Fed attack.

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