Tuesday, November 13, 2018

German Chancellor Merkel Now Calling For An EU Army

Angela Merkel called for the creation of a European army and Security Council during a speech to ministers in Strasbourg on Tuesday

Daily Mail: Merkel calls for creation of a 'real, true' European army in rebuke to Trump after he mocked France, saying they were 'learning German in Paris' in WWII until the US saved them

* The German Chancellor called for EU army in speech to ministers in Strasbourg
* Her remark drew widespread applause but some boos from the lawmakers
* Comes after Emmanuel Macron put forward the same idea on French television
* Also comes after President Trump joked that the French 'were learning German before the US came along' and called on leaders to pay their way in NATO

Angela Merkel called for the creation of a 'real, true' European army during a speech to EU ministers on Tuesday in a rebuke to President Trump.

The German Chancellor also called for a European Security Council that would be responsible for coordinating defence policy across the continent.

Merkel spoke out after French President Emmanuel Macron floated the same idea last week, and hours after Donald Trump lambasted him for it on Twitter.

Trump joked that Parisians 'were starting to learn German before the U.S. came along' in the Second World War and told EU leaders to pay their fair share to NATO.

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Anonymous said...

No doubt Macron's remarks were designed to bait Trump into a twitter storm and he succeeded. Merkel as true a #Resistance member as Obama, is throwing more bait out there. This is deadly serious business. Even Putin jumped in yesterday applauding the creation of an EU army. He knows that NATO dies then.
I can only guess that Macron and Merkel are co-ordinating with American Democrats trying to make Trump look bad to independent votes in the USA. Trying to portray him as breaking up the western alliances. A reckless guy unfit for C-in-C.

Stupid if that's their intent, careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

B.Poster said...

"Even Putin jumped in yesterday...." and to think I have been told that it is Trump who is the Putin "puppet." If the actual policies of Trump toward Russia are compared against those of his predecessor, they've actually been much tougher. Also, I noticed that during the campaign Trump rightly called out a number of nations as users and abusers of America.

To the best of my knowledge, he did not call out eastern European nations. I found that very interesting as I still find it interesting today. He has an eastern European spouse whom he loves and cherishes very much. We should all be so blessed as to have the kind of relationship the Trumps have. With that said this may be clouding his judgment towards eastern European countries.

The reckless comments of the leaders of western European nations are doing more to undermine NATO and advance Russian interests assuming Russia wants NATO gone than anything Trump has said or done. Clearly the US cannot be expected to nor is it capable of bearing the burden expected of it. Obviously the US is not going to attack western Europe. Why protect Europe against a non existential threat? I hypothesize that this can only be because western European leaders are planning an invasion of America and are seeking to get the military forces to do this. I would suggest America build up its military and deploy its forces in order to maximize its potential to defend against this coming invasion and if the invader should take some blows as well all the better quite frankly. The point is don't sit around and wait for the invasion to come. Take proactive steps to defend against it and to position ourselves in the best position to actually win.

Anonymous said...

Eastern Europe wants to do big business with the USA, especially in oil and LNG. They also will buy billions in arms. They also offer to pay for American troops basing needs. They also don't need encouragement to spend at least 2% of GDP on their own defense.

Those are the reasons Trump has gone easy on the eastern nations.

B.Potser said...

Anon (4:48PM),

These may well be valid points. The next step will be to convince Russia that this is not a threat to them. Trump should be able to do this as an outsider of US politics whom they have done business with, have built relations with, and have some level of trust towards. As for the other bozos in US leadership, not so much to put it charitably. I think the key is going to be get these bozos out of the way once and for all before the Russians finally run out of patience.

After all part of the agreement that ended Cold war 1 likely included an agreement not expand NATO up to Russia's borders. If handled properly, we could probably preserve these oil deals. Unfortunately I think we may be being used as pawns by these eastern European nations in their power struggles with Russia. At this time, I see no need to risk a conflict we don't need, may not be able to win, and even if we do win we get nothing of value while taking huge losses.

rod rammer said...

The hag Merkel is now trying to save her position as Chancellor, which is impossible because the German people are mostly aware of her role in opening German borders to the Islamic hoards.

I wish Trump would knock it off with these unfettered public spats with everyone. I do appreciate his unwillingness to back away from the global leftist threat, but I feel the first poster may have been correct in saying he is being baited now.