Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The U.S. Media Is Expecting Major Changes In President Trump's Cabinet

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CNN: Trump prepares to remake his Cabinet

As Washington awaits a potential reshaping of the political order on Capitol Hill, multiple sources inside and outside the Trump administration tell CNN that an all but certain shakeup is quietly underway at the White House, as President Donald Trump is poised to reshuffle his Cabinet for the second half of his first term.

Trump acknowledged as much on Monday. "Administrations makes changes, usually, after midterms. And probably we'll be right in that category as well," he told reporters at Joint Base Andrews on his way to a rally in Ohio. "I think it's very customary."

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Update #1: Trump planning shakeup, eyeing new chief of staff and DHS secretary: Sources (ABC News)
Update #2: After clashes with first lady and others, Kelly may soon exit White House (NBC)
Update #3: Trump Cabinet exodus likely after midterms (Politico)

WNU Editor: People come and go all the time. But it is true that for President Trump .... who came to power without the backing of the Republican establishment .... his turnover of staff has been incredibly high. My thinking is that after two years as President he has met a number of people that get along well with him and who believe in his agenda, and that he will now want to put in positions of power.


Anonymous said...

He is very transaction/reciprocal, and in the cut-throat business he was before (real estate and media), it's a good quality to have. It just doesn't look Obama'esque. And I don't care. I prefer results than a smooth, leading-from-behind talker

B.Poster said...

"He is very transaction/reciprocal..." This is not only true of him but it is also true of the "business he was in" and in all manner of private sector business. This is not only true of owners/managers but of employees as well. The average span of an employee staying with one company is likely a year to a year and a half.

Of course the university professor and government bureaucrat class do not understand these things. These people have always done well and are insulated from the real world and the challenges everyday Americans face. While it is unknown whether or not he will succeed I prefer this style as well. For those on the front lines, it was clear that the policies in place before were failing and it was clear that anything traditional Republicans or Democrats were/are offering had an equal chance of failure which was at about 100%. As such, take a chance on the third way.

rod rammer said...

I have read that Obama's staff turnover rate was very high as well, but the liberal news media reporting on the matter was VERY low key, unlike now.