Thursday, December 6, 2018

World News Briefs -- December 6, 2018

Reuters: It's my deal, no deal or no Brexit at all: UK PM May

LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Theresa May said on Thursday that British lawmakers faced a choice ahead of a vote on her Brexit deal: approving her deal or facing an exit with no deal or even the reversal of Brexit.

May said she was speaking to lawmakers about giving parliament a bigger role in whether the Northern Irish backstop arrangement would be triggered, though she gave few details.

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Yemen government, rebels begin peace talks aimed at ending civil war.

Yemen war rivals double down as UN talks open.

Number of Yemenis in food crisis or emergency could hit 20 million: WFP.

Landmines pose lingering threat in war-ravaged Yemen.

US-backed fighters break into IS holdout in east Syria.

Iran: Suicide attack hits police post in Chabahar. Two killed, dozens wounded in attack on Iran police station.

Ex-Israeli Defence Minister admits to lying about Hezbollah tunnels for years.


Afghan electoral body invalidates all votes in Kabul.

China to 'immediately' implement measures of trade truce with US. China to 'immediately' implement US trade truce measures.

China visit by North Korean foreign minister aims to shore up support amid stalled denuclearisation talks.

Mongolia prime minister to visit Japan to discuss North Korea, report says.

Poll: Majority of South Koreans support Kim Jong Un trip to Seoul.

South Korea court orders Mitsubishi to pay wartime compensation.

Don't cross the line, Pakistan army warns Pashtun activist group.


Second G5 Sahel donors Conference under way in Mauritania.

EU, France announce $1.5bn aid for African Sahel.

Nigerian presidential candidate warns about vote-buying.

Togo bans opposition protests.

Critic of Rwandan president cleared of insurrection and forgery.

Italy pressures Egypt over Giulio Regeni torture, murder.

Liberia electricity crisis: 'About 60% of power stolen'.

Benghazi airport closed as heavy rain triggers flooding.


France protests: Government fears 'major violence' in coming days. Macron administration warns of 'great violence' in Paris from hard core 'yellow vests'.

UK accused of watering down citizens' rights pledge in no-deal plan. Brexit: Theresa May 'looking at MPs' role on backstop.

Brexit vote to go ahead despite report ministers seek delay.

US attempt to 'bury' INF Treaty creates new risks for Europe - Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.

Russian MP says US’ plans to sail warships to Black Sea are sabre rattling.

Ukraine asks West to ramp up sanctions on Russia.

Francis to become first pope to visit Arabian peninsula.

Luxembourg to become first country to make all public transport free.


Bush presidential funeral train will be first this century.

US trade deficit hits 10-year high on record imports.

US Senators introduce resolution saying Saudi crown prince 'complicit' in Khashoggi slaying.

Tennessee to execute man on death row for 36 years.

Cuba scraps some new restrictions on private sector.

Brazil police arrest 11 amid bribery investigation of oil traders.

Thousands in Argentina protest acquittal in teenage girl's murder.


US troops raid Afghan villages with little hope for a military victory.

Somali officials report deadly US-backed raid on al-Shabab.

EU, France pledge 1.3bn euros anti-terror aid for Africa Sahel.


OPEC members expected to agree to oil production cut.

US 'not in position to tell OPEC what to Do' - Saudi Arabia.

US-China trade war ‘truce’ should be used to find long-term solution to disputes, experts say.

Lyft prepares to list shares on stock market.

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Anonymous said...

May keeps saying its her deal or no deal. No such thing in life! All deals can be renegotiated up to the moment everybody signs the contract. May spoke of red lines she wouldn't cross, yet she crossed them in this deal. She promised Northern Ireland would be treated same as the rest of the UK, well its not. NI is treated as a EU colony for ever. She promised the UK will be independent with Brexit. Another lie. Trump is right, UK is slaved to EU for as long as the EU wishes.

In a proper functioning democracy, PM May would be toppled quickly and a new PM given orders to get back to work and fix those lies. UK isn't a functioning democracy because the opposition party is a Marxist party led by a communist sympathizer named Corbyn. Scares the Tories into sticking with May.