Saturday, January 12, 2019

China Deploys Anti-Ship Missiles After The Latest U.S. Navy "Freedom Of Navigation" Operation In The South China Sea

The DF-26 ballistic missile was first seen in public at a military parade in 2015. Photo: CCTV

CNN: China mobilizes anti-ship missiles after Navy patrol in South China Sea

China claims to have deployed missiles "capable of targeting medium and large ships" days after the latest US Navy "freedom of navigation" operation near contested islands in the South China Sea, state media announced.

The deployment of the DF-26 ballistic missiles in China's remote northwest plateau, originally announced Tuesday on China Central Television, follows a mission from the US guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell, which steamed close to the Paracel Islands, the previous day.

Capable of hitting targets 3,400 miles (5,471 kilometers) away with nuclear or conventional warheads, the DF-26 was dubbed the "Guam killer" by analysts at the time because it would allow China to bring unprecedented firepower to the US island territory -- home to Andersen Air Force Base and other key US military installations.

The 1.3 million-square-mile South China Sea has seen increasing tension in recent years, with China aggressively asserting its stake amid conflicting claims from several Southeast Asian nations.

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Anonymous said...

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Jac said...

Is DF-26 a "Guam killer" ? long as it's not intercept by a THAAD defense, which made for that. But as a "carrier killing" is a joke! This missile has never been tested with a real (or close) operational case, as every country (even China) make with any new weapon. I have no doubt for its ground target performance, but with a navy one...........

fazman said...

Good luck locating and successfully targeting a carrier at sea with that

Anonymous said...

I have said it once and ill say it again.
A single man in a plane can and will intercept any missile targeting a carrier fleet. We associate Japan and the kamikaze, but Americans at the battle of midway knew too well if they were going down, come down on an enemy carrier or ship. To kill a ship you need kinetic energy and not warheads.

Anonymous said...

"A single man in a plane can and will intercept any missile targeting a carrier fleet. "

Are you trolling or do you really mean it? You know that we are talking hypersonic missiles in some cases? You can't even blink fast enough before it comes over the horizon (roughly 20km) and hits you... what are you smoking? Gotta get me some of that

Anonymous said...

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Bob Huntley said...

Good news coming out for sufferers of Alzheimer's disease! They are going to rename it Al's disease.