Friday, January 11, 2019

Israel Confirms That It's F-16 Sale To Croatia Was Cancelled Over Washington’s Objections

Israeli Air Force F-16I on the tarmac during the Blue Flag air exercise at the Ovda air force base, north of the Israeli city of Eilat, on November 8, 2017. (Jack Guez/AFP)

Times of Israel: Israel confirms F-16 sale to Croatia nixed over Washington’s objections

Defense Ministry chief apologizes after deal to provide 12 fighter jets for $500m vetoed by Americans, who reportedly demanded Israeli upgrades be rolled back.

The director-general of the Defense Ministry, Udi Adam, apologized to Croatia on Thursday for the collapse of a $500 million deal to sell aging Israeli F-16 Barak fighter jets, after Washington nixed the deal.

“The Defense Ministry places great importance on deepening the cooperation between Israel and Croatia. To that end, we initiated the F-16 [sale], which included Israeli knowhow and technology,” Adam was quoted as saying during meetings Thursday in Zagreb, the Croatian capital.

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