Tuesday, January 15, 2019

U.K. Prime Minister May Faces Major Government Defeat In Brexit Vote

Daily Mail: Attorney General Geoffrey Cox tears into 'childish' MPs for gambling with 'people's lives' and risking 'chaos' as May faces the worst defeat EVER in Commons showdown tonight - but vows to push on with her Brexit deal

* Theresa May faces a massive House of Commons defeat on her Brexit deal in the long-awaited vote tonight
* Feared defeat by 200-plus votes would be biggest for a government in history, outstripping Labour in 1924
* DUP and Tory Eurosceptics have confirmed they are against the package, while Labour opposition looks solid
* Mrs May is expected to make a statement immediately after the vote tonight but allies insist she will not quit
* The EU has offered new assurances that the Irish border backstop will be temporary amid hints of more talks
* Jeremy Corbyn is then expected to call a vote of no confidence in the government in a bid to force an election

Theresa May's supporters clashed brutally with critics of her Brexit deal today as she braced for the biggest Commons defeat in history.

The PM signalled defiance as she gathered her team despite fears that she is on track for catastrophic failure in the showdown tonight - with warnings the margin could be more than 200 votes.

And Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC launched an extraordinary assault on those opposing her plan during the Commons debate, accusing them of 'childish' behaviour and gambling with people's lives.

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WNU Editor: She says that she is not going to quit. But with her Brexit deal now on the verge of being re-soundly rejected, her options on trying to save her deal are (IMHO) zero.

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