Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Four Days Of Protests Rock Haiti

The Independent: Haiti protests: Police clash with demonstrators demanding president quits over corruption claims

Reports suggest up to four dead after several days of unrest in cities across Caribbean nation

Demonstrators in Haiti have stoned the house of president Jovenel Moise during a deadly four-day protest against corruption.

Thousands have taken to the streets across the Caribbean nation since Thursday calling for Mr Moise to step down.

Clashes between protesters and police took place over the weekend, with local reports claiming as many as four people have been killed.

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More News On The Growing Unrest In Haiti

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Michael Feldhake said...

Haiti continues its great path! Feel sorry for these people, but would be a great little place to test run colonization 2.0! Take over the govt, put in place industry, police, legal and health systems then hire people to work these jobs under scrutiny for several generations. In 100 years, I bet you could have a completely different country.