Monday, March 4, 2019

Canada's Economy Has Stopped Growing, But No One Is Talking About It

Financial Post: Canada’s economy practically grinds to a halt — and nobody saw it coming

Data reveals much bleaker picture than anyone anticipated with weakness extending well beyond the energy sector

Canada’s economy practically came to a halt in the final three months of 2018, in a much deeper-than-expected slowdown that brings the underlying strength of the expansion into doubt.

The country’s economy grew by just 0.1 per cent in the fourth quarter, for an annualized pace of 0.4 per cent, Statistics Canada said Friday from Ottawa. That’s the worst quarterly performance in two and a half years, down from annualized 2 per cent in the third quarter and well below economist expectations for a 1 per cent annualized increase.

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WNU Editor: In 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau boasted about leading the strongest economy in the Group of Seven. But now he is overseeing one of the weakest. My analysis on what is happening is simple. The federal government's energy/resource policies have stopped any growth in this vital economic sector, and in fact has contracted it to a level not seen for a long time. What is also more worrying to the Federal government is that income growth for individual Canadians has stopped. The political consequences are obvious. These type of numbers .... if they continue .... will guarantee an election loss to Prime Minister Trudeau when Canadians go to the polls later this year.

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Anonymous said...

For Canada it's about to get worse as China stops imports from Canada due to the Meng court case. I don't know the trade figures but I bet a significant portion is raw materials. Those can usually be easily replaced by other countries.

Can a Canadian Trump be looming on the horizon?

Anonymous said...

It's happening all around the world, so why not Canada. People want their power back and are sick of politicians. At first I didn't understand it or was a bit scared of it to be honest. But looking at how bad the media is. .how filthy, divisive and corrupt their lies are and importantly, how they are basically now working with their party of choice (eg in the US almost all media works for Democrats, by Democrats) you know something needs to change. We cannot have a ruling class of "elites" that rule by division and lies .we need to vote them out of office and get those liars and cheats in the media fired. They are not only not doing their job, but they are clearly knowingly working against our interests. How is it good for America to call all white people racists, sexists etc? How is it good for America to sabotage or president while he's trying to denuke north Korea? How is it good for America to portray republicans as homophobes? How is it good for America to push this global warming narrative only to dismantle our oil and gas industry that made us independent of middle east and middle eastern wars? Every single agenda Democrats and the leftist media pushes seems designed to divide us. It is so crazy scary what's going on on cnn and msnbc. The idiocy. The synchronised narratives. All blabbing the same lies .and as they own 90% of the airtime, parrots like fred then repeat it all over, adding to the credibility. But they're not credible. They're proven liars .look at what they tried to do to these boys with maga hats on. Thank God for this guy who is now suing the Washington post for 250 million. We need more of these patriots defending our rights. We need an honest media. And all these liars need to be held accountable.

Michael Feldhake said...

Yes, they can't hide from the facts even if they own the liberal press. Sucks, but the real question is how do we handle it!?