Friday, March 8, 2019

U.S. Keeps Losing Simulated Wars With Russia And China

F-35 stealth fighters are hard to kill in flight, but lined up on the runway, they’re easy targets.

Breaking Defense: US ‘Gets Its Ass Handed To It’ In Wargames: Here’s A $24 Billion Fix

Warships sink. Bases burn. F-35s die on the runway. Can $24 billion a year -- 3.3 % of the Pentagon budget -- fix the problem?

WASHINGTON: The US keeps losing, hard, in simulated wars with Russia and China. Bases burn. Warships sink. But we could fix the problem for about $24 billion a year, one well-connected expert said, less than four percent of the Pentagon budget.

“In our games, when we fight Russia and China,” RAND analyst David Ochmanek said this afternoon, “blue gets its ass handed to it.” In other words, in RAND’s wargames, which are often sponsored by the Pentagon, the US forces — colored blue on wargame maps — suffer heavy losses in one scenario after another and still can’t stop Russia or China — red — from achieving their objectives, like overrunning US allies.

No, it’s not a Red Dawn nightmare scenario where the Commies conquer Colorado. But losing the Baltics or Taiwan would shatter American alliances, shock the global economy, and topple the world order the US has led since World War II.

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WNU Editor: It is all about long range precision missiles .... specifically having more than the enemy.


Anonymous said...

It is about bombardment. It is about, who can bombard better, faster.

It is rocket science, but you do not have to be a rocket scientist or military theorist to understand.

Politicians can figure that one out, but they think that day will never come. In the meantime we have to buy votes.

Some politicians are so craven and so greedy that they desire foreigners and children to vote in U.S. elections.

You can guess which excrement party wants to do this.

Anonymous said...

tiresome blame game horshit

Anonymous said...

A party was not named.

You must feel guilty to come out and deny it.

Anonymous said...

Easy: dummies always blame The Other Party, ie the Democrats.

Anonymous said...


You have not been paying attention Bub. Otherwise, you would have heard names like McShame.

Actually, you have been paying attention and you do know better. You are just a God Damned liar.

B.Poster said...

Victory in a war with Russia, China, or both of them is far from certain. Actually I figured this one out over 20 years ago. I'm pleased to see the "experts" are finally catching on. Actually I think reality has become so glaring that it may have finally become impossible for these so called "experts" to blithely deny it.

Even POTUS had to get in on this act of making such grand statements in his State of the Union Address where he declared the US to be the most powerful military on earth. Such an assertion is far from certain. Actually, given the tendency of US officials to overestimate our capabilities while simultaneously underestimating those of adversaries and potential adversaries, I suspect the situation is actually much worse than the article lets on.

The article does provide some insight as to why the USS Truman is being retired. Essentially the "experts" have finally figured out that the survivability of an aircraft carrier against an adversary like Russia or China is going to be problematic at best and, as such, it has little to no utility in such a conflict. I figured this one out about 15 years ago. It's nice to see that the "experts" are finally catching on.

Once reality is understood and accepted we can begin to formulate realistic policies that advance our interests. If the "experts" are truly beginning to catch on, this is a good sign.