Sunday, April 14, 2019

A List On How President Obama's Former Officials Spied On Trump

Jasper Fakkert, Epoch Times: How Obama Officials Spied on Trump

Attorney General William Barr told congressional lawmakers on April 10 that he is investigating both the “genesis” and “the conduct of intelligence activities directed at the Trump campaign” during the 2016 elections.

Barr said he plans to “pull together all the information from the various investigations that have gone on,” such as investigations conducted by Congress, and by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Longtime critics of President Donald Trump were quick to dismiss Barr’s comments. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) went as far as to claim that Barr was “perpetuating conspiracy theories,” and CNN tried to write Barr’s statements off by saying he didn’t “provide evidence.”

These are the same people who have lied to the American public for more than two years by claiming that Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 elections.

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WNU Editor: The GCHQ connection is disturbing if true. My gut is also telling me that President Trump already knows the entire story on what happened. As to the big question .... what did President Obama know (and when), I am willing to bet it is answer that we will never know.


Anonymous said...

"We have it all".

"We have the source".

Anonymous said...

Having a foreign born parent, who reads European news, they are not easily swayed by conventional media dogma. Their opinion that we won't find everything out about Obama until 50 years from now. His legacy and public image will be protected that long by TPTB.

Obama is treated thus. It is one reason he will never grow up and thinks that he is smarter than the average bear. It emboldens him. It is why he was causing a ruckus in Germany last week.

Mike Feldhake said...

Ruckus? Oh please let us know.

And yes, Obama was a typical 'I know better than you' person. I have known a few of these people personally and they cause great damage as they dictate through their narrow visions.

Anonymous said...


Spouting off on global warming, criticizing the US on this or that.

Former President Obama on the importance of NATO, says smaller countries hold the larger ones accountable

It literally is a trope that politicians go overseas and criticize the US in a way or manner or intensity that they would not in the US.

Like who knew that Comey was antigun until he went to London and spouted. That is just an example.

Some people have explained that former presidents should step out of the limelight and not criticize the new occupant for awhile. Bush certainly didn't. Not sure if that is a true rule of thumb or tradition, but it has been put forward as such by some people.

I see little difference from an Obama or a Bob in their criticism of the US. It is pretty much nonstop.