Monday, April 15, 2019

Canadian Government: China A Major Threat To Canadian Security

Asia Times: China a major threat to Canadian security: Ottawa

A parliamentary committee cites evidence of Chinese spies and agents being active in the country

Amid worsening relations between Canada and China, a parliamentary committee in Ottawa has cited Chinese spies and agents as major threats to Canadian security.

The report notes evidence of campaigns by the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front Works Department to influence Canadian politicians “to adopt pro-China positions.” This, says the report, is being done by making donations to political parties and by marshaling pressure groups, especially those created by the United Front among the Chinese diaspora in Canada.

At the same time, Chinese police and security agents have been caught “operating without permission to persuade or coerce Chinese fugitives to return to China.”

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WNU Editor: What I find surprising about this story is not its content stating that China is a threat to Canadian security, but the lack of coverage in Canada on this story. Aside from a few Vancouver media outlets .... China denies espionage, trying to influence Canadian affairs (Vancouver Courier), and this story .... It's official – China is a threat to Canada's national security (National Post), no one else is covering this story.


Anonymous said...

It's time western countries reform nato to counter not just Russia. The US alone with just 350 million people has an economy twice the size than the 1.5 billion Chinese. Germany with only 80 million people has about a quarter of the Chinese economy. Together -western states combined-make China look like a little duck. Alone we fall, together we stand

Bob Huntley said...