Sunday, April 14, 2019

Pentagon Gets Ready For War In Space

Washington Examiner: Shanahan warns war is coming to space, with China the likely adversary

“The next major conflict may be won or lost in space,” Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said at a symposium on space in Colorado Springs, Colo., Tuesday. “We must confront reality. Weapons are currently deployed by our competitors that can attack our assets in space.”

Shanahan, making the case for President Trump’s Space Force proposal, said both Russia and China have already weaponized space with the intent to put American satellites at risk in the event of conflict.

Shanahan singled out China, which has emerged as a major space rival in recent years, for its development of weapons that can jam or destroy U.S. surveillance, communications, and navigation satellites.

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WNU Editor: Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan's concerns about China are justified .... For China, Space Is About Politics and War (Joshua Philipp, Epoch Times). Capital Hill has another opinion .... Space Force plans meet with skepticism, confusion on Capitol Hill (Washington Times).

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