Tuesday, May 14, 2019

China's Navy Wants To 'Mass Produce' Its Guided Destroyers

China launches two Type 052D guided missile destroyers simultaneously on Friday in the Dalian Shipyard, Northeast China's Liaoning Province. The warships are decorated with Chinese national flags. Photo: IC

Global Times: Chinese guided missile destroyer suitable for mass production: experts

China is expected to build even more guided missile destroyers, Chinese military analysts said on Sunday as China launched two Type 052D guided missile destroyers on Friday in Dalian, a coastal city in Northeast China's Liaoning Province.

Decked with Chinese national flags, the two Type 052D destroyers were launched in the Dalian Shipyard on Friday with the assistance of tug boats, marking the 19th and 20th of launches of their kind, news website wenweipo.com reported on Friday.

China now has 20 Type 052Ds either in active service or being fitted out for service soon, the report said.

Wei Dongxu, a Beijing-based military analyst, told the Global Times on Sunday that 20 would not be the end for the ship's development, and China might have more than 30 in the future.

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WNU Editor: I know China has the infrastructure and the political will to mass produce these warships. This has become a high priority item for them.

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Always advisable to mass produce a ship that has never been battle tested and more than likely is a heap of junk.

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No no no China can do no wrong. I've been told many many times by CNN that they are the best and Americans are filth. Cnn knows best what's good for you. Obey