Sunday, May 19, 2019

Has Russia Figured Out America's Weaknesses?

Alexander Nemenov via Reuters

Jim Sciutto, The Atlantic: Russia Has Americans’ Weaknesses All Figured Out

Election interference is one front in Moscow’s larger campaign to undermine the U.S. without prompting a military response.

What are Americans supposed to think when their leaders contradict one another on the most basic question of national security—who is the enemy? This is happening every day on the floors of the House and the Senate, in committee hearing rooms, on television news programs, and in President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. Is Russia the enemy, or was the investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election just a slow-motion attack on the president and his supporters? Are Russian fake-news troll farms stirring up resentment among the American electorate, or are mainstream-media outlets just making things up?

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WNU Editor: Jim Sciutto reminds me of the movie Casablanca and the scene where the police inspector is shocked that there is gambling in the premises (while taking his gambling cut). The Soviet Union, and now Russia, have always tried to influence U.S. policy. But they are not alone. China, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Canada .... every country is trying to influence U.S. policies and decisions, and they have been doing it for a long time. To put it bluntly. In the entire scheme of things, Russia's impact pales when compared to what some of these countries have done, and are doing.


jimbrown said...

Putin HAH. Your candidate that you bought and paid for lost in 2016.

CNN was an wiiting useful idiot in spreading the Russia-Trump disinformation campaign.

Only Russophiles or communists or CNN anchors think Russia has figured out US weaknesses.

Blackdog said...

B.S. Russia’s impact does not pale in comparison. Russia has shown themselves to be the masters. Mastering all the new techniques with all the new tech that they have to use. Way Beyond old school lobbing and payoffs. Also the Russians have guts. They do not think or fear that they will face heavy consequences. And so far they have been right!

jimbrown said...

Is that why every Russian who can afford it has an escape pad?

Anonymous said...

Americas weakness is the MSM complex, just get them chasing their own tail and they will rip the country apart.

Anonymous said...

Ok, let’s stop pretending that the USA doesn’t influence elections across the globe all the time. So sick of the double standard, shock, and outrage.

Anonymous said...

@Blackdog.. the Russians have guts? Was that before or after they had to shoot their own people in the backs because they kept retreating away from the Germans? Maybe you are referring to the guts of the own people they slaughtered under Communism?

Ahh the good times, easy to confuse, so please tell me comrade, which guts you were referring to.. the bravery of shooting their own people in the back so they would not retreat against German forces, or the guts to kill their own people (seems to be a trend there, watch out!) under communism? I think quite a lot died.. millions more than the Nazis killed.. but yeah, whatever.. Russians.. glory.. parade.. you buy it all