Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 14, 2019

Military Times: Military plans to counter Iran include possible 120,000 troop deployment, cyber attack ‘Nitro Zeus’

The Pentagon recently presented a military plan to the president’s top national security aides that calls for up to 120,000 troops deploying to the Middle East and a potential crippling cyber-attack on Iran’s infrastructure should Iran speed up its nuclear program or attack U.S. forces.

Details of the briefing were first reported by the New York Times, which cited more than half a dozen American national security officials, granted anonymity, who have been briefed on the updated plans.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 14, 2019

The US military is exploring a plan to deploy 120,000 troops to the Middle East as tensions with Iran intensify -- Business Insider

Initial US military assessment points to Iran in sabotage of oil tankers: report -- The Hill

B-52 bombers, F-15 fighters fly first deterrence sorties pointed at Iran -- Air Force Times

B-52s conduct first mission of counter-Iran deployment -- The Hill

Congress' Syria panel warns against Trump withdrawal plan -- Politico

The F-35 Isn't Just 'Stealthy': Here's How Its Electronic Warfare System Gives It An Edge -- Forbes

The U.S. Navy's Most Advanced Aircraft Carrier Ever Has Some Problems -- National Interest

Navy Wants to Invest In Amphibious Ship Upgrades, But Funding, Timing Still Unclear -- USNI News

Here’s what your next, more powerful Marine Corps rifle optic will look like -- Marine Times

How the Army Could Use Smartphones to to Kill Enemy Snipers -- National Interest

Defense spending bill would limit Pentagon's ability to shift money after border wall transfers -- The Hill

US Air Force nuclear, space programs take hit in border wall reprogramming -- Defense News

Pentagon's $1.5B wall transfer to include pulls from intercontinental missile, spy plane upgrades -- The Hill

US Military Slashes Foreign-Language Training -- Foreign Policy

The Case for Deploying U.S. Land-Based Missiles in Asia -- National Interest

Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher’s lawyers say military prosecutors spied by hiding tracking software in emails -- FOX News

The Navy’s probe into sky penis -- Navy Times

'Hollywood technology' helping military rehabilitation -- BBC

US Military Begins Series of Joint Exercises in Europe - EUCOM -- Sputnik

US Reportedly Warns EU Against Developing Own Arms Projects, Exposing NATO Rift -- Sputnik

European Union’s defense-collab push could fizzle, report warns -- Defense News

Pentagon looks for new vendors to replace F-35 parts made in Turkey -- UPI

US military has S-300 systems: Reports -- Hurriyet Daily News

NATO freezing out Turkey over S-400 purchase - analyst -- Ahval

Spain pulls its frigate from US military build-up in Gulf -- France 24

'Cheaper to Buy a New One': Norway Discovers Sunken Frigate's True Repair Costs -- Sputnik

Russia's military gamble in Syria is paying off handsomely -- The Economist

WATCH Russian President Putin Inspecting the Military's Newest Aircraft -- Sputnik

Indian Army raises alarm over rising accidents due to faulty ammunition -- Times of India

South Korea is developing nature-inspired military surveillance robots that mimic birds, snakes, and sealife in a bid to conquer every theatre of war -- Daily Mail

Drone flights over Iraq limited by electromagnetic interference -- C4ISRNet

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