Wednesday, May 22, 2019

North Korean State Media Takes Aim At Democratic Presidential Hopeful Joe Biden

ABC News Online: Joe Biden in sights of North Korea after criticising Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un relationship

North Korean state media has slammed Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden for criticising leader Kim Jong-un, calling him "bereft of elementary quality as a human being".

The criticism contrasts with North Korea's repeated references to the good relationship between Mr Kim and US President Donald Trump.

Mr Kim said in April his personal relationship with Mr Trump was still good despite the collapse of their second summit in Vietnam in February.

Taking aim at the President's strategy towards North Korea, Mr Biden asked crowds at a recent campaign rally: "Are we a nation that embraces dictators and tyrants like (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and Kim Jong-un?"

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Mike Feldhake said...

I love it when Joe speaks...GO Joe!!!

Anonymous said...


Bob Huntley said...

You finally spelled it right Anon.

B.Poster said...

"Are we a nation that embraces tyrants and dictators like Putin and Kkm Jong-Un?" No Mr. Biden we do not "embrace" foreign leaders. What Trump is engaged in is properly called "diplomacy." We engage with powerful foreign leaders and we try and work with them where and when possible. This sort of thing has been referred to as "statesmanship" and it is the kind of thing good leaders engage in.

I remember when US leaders were encouraged to engage with powerful world leaders. Mr. Biden now refers to such sensible things as "embracing" them. While this might be a catchy sound bite for his audience, such statements indicate eirher a nin serious man or someone who lacks a basic understanding of international relations or even basic interpersonal relations. Perhaps there are elements of both. If his audience condoned such a statement, they would seem to suffer from the same basic and fundamental misunderstandings that plagues Mr. Biden.

IMHO such a person is not only not fit for a position such as POTUS or any leadership position for that matter. If basic diplomacy with a powerful foreign leader who has powerful allies is going to be derided as "embracing" said leader, then we won't be able to obtain the respect of anyone of significance much less forge constructive relations with the powerful and influential.

It seems such a situation could only have a disastrous ending for us if it is not changed. Based upon my observations INHO the major world powers respect Trump in a way that they don't respect other US leaders. As long as this remains the case, diplomacy has a chance. If routine diplomacy is to remain "embracing," we will only be digging a deeper hole for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

hi my name is Bob I lick windows and draw dots for attention...

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Hi my name is anon and i am an asshole