Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Pentagon: Initial U.S. Assessment Blames Iran For Oil Tanker Attacks

Warzone/The Drive: U.S. Government Claims Iran Is Behind Attacks On Oil Tankers, But Has Yet To Show Evidence

The news of comes amid a report that the Pentagon revised a contingency plan that includes sending 120,000 troops to respond to Iranian aggression.

A U.S. military team in the United Arab Emirates has reportedly come to the initial assessment that Iran or one of its proxies was responsible for attacks on four oil tankers near that country's port city of Fujairah yesterday, though there are no details yet about how they arrived at this conclusion. This comes amid a separate report that the Pentagon revised at least one of its contingency plans to deploy as many as 120,000 personnel to the Middle East in the event that Iranian forces or proxies launch attacks on Americans or begin apparent work toward building a nuclear weapon.

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WNU Editor: Iran is blaming Israel for these attacks .... Iranian lawmaker blames 'Israeli mischief' for tanker attacks off UAE coast (Reuters)

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