Sunday, June 23, 2019

A Review On Iran's Military Forces Aligned Against The U.S. And Its Allies

This photo released by the official website of the Iranian Defense Ministry on Sunday, June 9, 2019, shows the Khordad 15, a new surface-to-air missile battery at an undisclosed location in Iran. IRANIAN DEFENSE MINISTRY

Stars and Stripes/Washington Post: The US outguns Iran, but it faces painful realities in the event of a war

Rising tensions that, according to President Donald Trump, left the United States just short of open conflict with Iran this week highlight a grim reality that the Pentagon has coped with for years: While the U.S. military outguns Iran, Tehran could still make even a limited war painful.

Iran's military has more than 700,000 troops, including a conventional army of about 350,000 soldiers, according to a Congressional Research Service report published last month. That's not counting the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a specialized force comprising another 125,000 troops in its army and 20,000 personnel in its navy, the CRS report said.

It's the IRGC that has created friction between the United States and Iran. The force, designated a foreign terrorist organization by the administration in April, patrols the strategically important Strait of Hormuz, oversees Iran's ballistic missile programs and claimed responsibility for launching the missile that downed a U.S. RQ-4 surveillance drone over the Gulf of Oman early Thursday, prompting the Trump administration to plan a retaliatory strike before the president halted it late in the day.

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WNU Editor: All wars are painful. A war against Iran will be primarily fought with missiles and in the waters near Iran. But the biggest impact will be geopolitical and on the world economy.


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Lapides at least post links that work.

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He's such a tool. I never click on any of his links. He's on a brainwashing mission, ignoring all facts and just acting as a thoughtless mouth piece for the Democrats/leftists media. They should pay him for all this work he does haha

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Ole Lapides could be in a song:
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The squid is squirting ink again!

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The way headlines are often written on some of these "news" sites makes me want to vomit. Imagine a journalist beginning a headline with "Actually, ..." 20 years ago. I suppose I should just be impressed that they find the time to write anything at all, what with Pokemon GO and comic book movies taking up everyones free time. Man adulting is hard, am I right??

Blech, go back to school.

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Again with 700,000 men nonsense, gulf war 1 showed it counts for little today, and secondly no one is even considering a ground offensive that would make fallujah look like tea party.