Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Has President Trump Already Won The 'Trade War'?

Chinese Presidnet Xi.Reuters

Gordon G. Chang, National Interest: Trump Has Already Won the ‘Trade War’

American companies are now starting to understand that, deal or no deal, the friction between Washington and Beijing will continue.

n Sunday, the Communist Party’s most important journal expounded on Sino-U.S. relations in advance of the anticipated meeting between President Donald Trump and Chinese ruler Xi Jinping at the end of this month at the Osaka G-20.

A thirteen-thousand-character essay in Qiushi—Seeking Truth—stated that China wants a “win-win agreement” but is prepared to “resolutely struggle to the end.”

Beijing has yet to confirm that Xi will meet Trump in Japan.

Trump has said “it doesn’t matter” whether the two of them sit down, and he is right. As a practical matter, he has already won the so-called “trade war.” Trump prevailed by convincing the world’s manufacturers that they must leave China.

In one sense, the importance of the planned talks is hard to overestimate. As the Washington Post’s editorial board stated in an editorial Saturday, “The United States and China are at a hinge point in the most important bilateral relationship of the 21st century.”

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WNU Editor: Gordon G. Chang's analysis is spot on. Supply chains are now looking for alternative locations that are more stable and dependable than China, and as a result this trade war is only going to further the deindustrializae China. What also strikes me about this entire story has been China's unwillingness to compromise and/or keep to their past promises on addressing its massive trade surplus with the U.S.. The golden rule in business is that you never make your number one customer angry with you. The U.S. has been (and still is) China's number one customer for its exports, but China is going out of its way to antagonize this customer, even declaring a people's war against the U.S.. Talk about being arrogant and short-sighted.


Anonymous said...

WNU: that's just the tip of the iceberg about to hit China

1. Trade war lost
2. Huge PR issues @ China / human rights violations etc (see 1 million Muslims in "reeducation centres"), bigger environmental poluter than the US, etc..
3. Brain drain
4. Housing bubble
5. Managed to fuck up their very publicly declared 2025 goals and had to rebrand 2025 into "coming some time"
6. Managed to alienate most nations in Asia to the point that it would be easy for the US to get strategic help in any conflict against China... Vietnam haven't forgotten how they were treated 2 years ago.. Japan.. Australia.. India.. pretty much everywhere
7. Will lose their developing nation status within next 3 years (long overdue) and that alone will cost them hundreds of billions
8. Several trillion, stolen from Europe and the US in patent theft, trademark theft, copyright theft, industrial theft, military tech theft etc.. those countries will want it back
9. No one believes in the China myth anymore, well, perhaps our parrot still does, he even kept the Russia collusion going for 2.5years, good boy he is..

fred said...

I never believed in China. I served in the Korean War and China was our enemy.
what you ignore: China, US, and yes Russia will all lose because in 30 years there will be a world the likes of which we have never had before...climate change. But though our Pentagon, the UN and 98% of science folks believe and know about this, i imagine that trumpian asshole that you are, you are in denial. now go forth and sin no more you creep.

Anonymous said...

Anon, replace you childish #9 with the further international exposure of live forced human organ harvesting from Falun Gong and Muslim detainees by the repressive Chinese. China Tribunal Final Judgement
See: https://chinatribunal.com/china-tribunal-final-judgement-and-report-17th-june-2019/

fred said...

Anon: yes. you are right about organ harvesting. But guess where the big market for those organs is...no market, no buyers, no harvesting

Jb said...

China is hell

Anonymous said...

Fred, my guess is there are endless middle class, connected and wealthier folks in the massive Chinese population and other SE Asian populations that will provide ample need. I did not locate any clear evidence that Western medical transplant tourism is fueling this practice,in the short look that I took at the subject.

fred said...

I know of an Asian arrested in Bgpt, Ct., who was a middleman for selling organs

and, yes...Americans buy organs from Asia
What you need to know about human organ trafficking

Anonymous said...

Next time I buy liver at the supermarket I’ll be sure and check if it was from China.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that article, I stand corrected Chinese harvested organ are being sold into the west.