Thursday, June 20, 2019

Pentagon Confirms That Iran Shot Down An RQ-4 Global Hawk (Update)

Daily Mail: 'It was an unprovoked attack': US hits out at Iran for shooting down $180million spy drone and says it was in international not Iranian airspace as Tehran issues fake photo and warns it is 'ready for war'

* Iran claimed an RQ-4 Global Hawk was in their airspace, denied by Washington
* Commander Hossein Salami declared his men were 'ready for war' today
* US said a Navy MQ-4C Triton was destroyed, but that it wasn't in Iran's airspace
* Washington will fear stolen secrets if Tehran can get their hands on the plane
* News comes amid flaring tensions after two oil tankers were attacked last week

The U.S. has hit out at Iran for 'an unprovoked attack,' after it shot down a $180million spy drone it claimed was in its airspace as Tehran declared it was 'ready for war.'

U.S. Navy Captain Bill Urban condemned the 'unprovoked attack', adding that the 'Iranian reports that the aircraft was over Iran are false.'

Iranian commander Hossein Salami earlier declared that his men are 'ready for war' and that the drone had been downed because 'borders are our red line'.

The Islamic Republic News Agency, Iran's propaganda outlet, published a photograph purporting to show the burning aircraft falling from the sky, but the image was taken two years ago in Yemen.

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WNU Editor: The shooting down of this US drone is a clear signal from Iran that they are ready to use their military to enforce their authority in the Straits of Hormuz .... Downing of US drone a ‘clear message’ to Washington — Iran’s IRGC commander (RT). More here .... Iran says it's 'completely ready for war' after US military confirms it shot down American drone (ABC News). What's my take? The Iranians are now begging for a U.S. military response.

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Anonymous said...

Any war means the Straits of Hormuz are closed. Closure means China is under embargo for its oil.
I wonder how long before heads roll in Tehran?

fred said...

Just listened to Trump. He said the drone in international waters. why fly a drone over water? But then Trump said no one was in the drone and that was good. The point of a drone is that it is so small and can not house humans nor is expected to carry humans.