Tuesday, June 18, 2019

President Trump Calls Alleged Iranian Attack On Oil Tankers 'Very Minor'. But Will Go To War Against Iran Over Nuclear Weapons

Time: Exclusive: President Trump Calls Alleged Iranian Attack on Oil Tankers 'Very Minor'

Facing twin challenges in the Persian Gulf, President Donald Trump said in an interview with TIME Monday that he might take military action to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, but cast doubt on going to war to protect international oil supplies.

“I would certainly go over nuclear weapons,” the president said when asked what moves would lead him to consider going to war with Iran, “and I would keep the other a question mark.”

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WNU Editor: It is not a minor event. But is it a reason to go to war .... the answer is no.

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fred said...

We do not have an Iran policy. Trump seems to blame Iran for not going along with a deal that he broke with Iran! and of course here tough guy backs down once again

fazman said...

A deal that was very flawed, Iran is in bed with Europe so they are still obligated to honor the deal.

fred said...

not so...5 nations in agreement. we now tell them to honor the agreement we pulled out of? don't be dense

Anonymous said...

For some reason nuclear "treaty" sounds better than nuclear "deal"...