Friday, July 26, 2019

A New U.S. Presidential Seal?

US President Donald Trump takes the stage next to the altered presidential seal. (Reuters: Jonathan Ernst)

Photo: The doctored seal (left) has an eagle with two heads, unlike the official image (right). (Reuters/White House)

ABC News Online: Donald Trump appears in front of fake seal with two-headed eagle, Google search blamed

White House officials have been left baffled after a doctored presidential seal, featuring an eagle clutching golf clubs in its talons instead of arrows, was projected on stage at an event at which US President Donald Trump spoke.

The seal was displayed on Tuesday (local time) at Turning Point USA's student summit, where Mr Trump gave a raucous 80-minute speech and was greeted warmly by the youthful audience.

The image included a two-headed eagle, instead of just one head, which closely resembles the bird on the Russian coat of arms.

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Update: Trump's doctored presidential seal leads to firing (BBC).

WNU Editor: Apparently the person who made this mistake was fired. Too bad. With the golf clubs and the Russian eagles I think it is hilarious.


RussInSoCal said...

Have to admit that is funny! How long til I can get my hands on the t-shirt....?


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Anonymous said...

Some girly boy linked The Bill Palmer Report. If you like a Democrat one trick pony, if you think Jerry Nadler is brilliant, and if you think CNN is a real news organization, then the Palmer report is for you.

The link looks bad so type in Palmer report yourself and then guess at which of the 20 recent, we will get Trump articles the above poster meant.

For some reason the URL that the ALL CAPS poster used seemed off.