Saturday, July 20, 2019

Former NSA Contractor Sentenced To Nine Years In Prison After Pleading Guilty To Stealing Top-Secret Documents Over 20 Years

CBS Baltimore: Ex-NSA Contractor Harold Martin Sentenced To 9 Years For Stolen Documents

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Former National Security Agency contractor Harold ‘Hal’ Martin was sentenced to nine years in prison after pleading guilty in March to willful retention of national defense information.

Martin admitted to stealing top-secret documents over a 20-year period and storing them at his Glen Burnie home- some, in an unlocked storage shed.

Prosecutors said that Martin took over 50 terabytes of information, 300 times what Edward Snowden — another NSA contractor from Maryland — leaked to the world.

“He’s incredibly embarrassed,” Deb Shaw, Martin’s estranged wife, said. “He let down people he has such incredible high regard for. He feels the weight of the disappointment he looks up to.”

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WNU Editor: What was he thinking.

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Anonymous said...

Why only 9 years?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he got off light, real light.

RussInSoCal said...

Just from the articles tagged with the post, it seems this individual was mentally disordered. "Eccentric". "Compulsive hoarder". That or his lawyer passed him off as such. Just a harmless buffoon, right?.

/What was he thinking? From the photo above, he was likely thinking about his next cheeseburger.

(and maybe how to sell the mid level information he was privy to)




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Anonymous said...

If he just mentally sick/influenced, 9 years is A LOT! If he didn't try to sell stuff etc..

Anonymous said...

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Anonymous said...

Firing squad for such people after a proper and fair trial would be appropriate, if guilty.
You work with intelligence, you take it seriously. It is not a game.

Bob Huntley said...


I agree with you on this but not in the way you mean.

The NSA has the power and ability to spy on everyone, even you if you are in fact an American, and yet over years he was able to amass "50 terabytes of files, according to prosecutors". That is an indication that those in the NSA and the security people for sure, but also those top people responsible for the integrity of the NSA failed miserably in their responsibility of keeping America and Americans safe.

If a mentally weak employee can get away with what he did over so long how can those responsible for the management and security of that facility still be on their jobs and not facing charges for dereliction of duty.

After all they "work with intelligence", but have not taken it very seriously over time.

If nothing else this guy has shown the country and the world that the NSA is incompetent where it matters the most and yet there is no condemnation of management. Not that we are seeing anyway. No doubt they are praying the media will not go after them.

Shoot him or put him in jail but do not think for a moment your are safer because of it.

Andrew Jackson said...

He gave people up!

Bob Huntley said...

He maybe got a deal, perhaps even promising to not give a particular person, or, two up, so what?

Gloria Scott said...

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Ankit said...

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Anonymous said...

Jackson: name 5 people he gave up

Bob Huntley said...

Don't be so hard on yourself Gloria.