Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Iranian 'Bomb Boat' Used By Houthi Rebels Discovered In The Path Of British Destroyer Sent To The Persian Gulf

A vessel known as a Blowfish was reportedly discovered by the Saudi navy lurking in the path of HMS Duncan as it made its way south through the Red Sea towards the Gulf

The Blowfish bomb boat was reportedly discovered in the Red Sea where Iranian-backed Houthi rebels have been known to deploy small vessels laden with explosives in the past

Portsmouth News: Royal Navy: HMS Duncan on 'high alert' after 'unmanned attack vessel' spotted on her path to the Gulf

A ROYAL Navy warship travelling to the Gulf has been put on ‘high alert’ after an unmanned ‘bomb boat’ was spotted in its path.

HMS Duncan is heading to the region amid heightening tension between the UK and Iran, with the Type 45 destroyer to take over from HMS Montrose.

Her deployment to the Gulf had been long-planned but has been moved due to the rising hostility in the region and will be tasked with protecting shipping.

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Anonymous said...

I'll be taking a cruise through the strait in a few months. I guess that means the bomb boat is targeting me as well.

Anonymous said...

Too many people playing fast and loose with danger in the Arabian/Persian Gulf. Somethings going to happen and the results may get out of hand in a hurry.