Saturday, July 13, 2019

Is The U.S. Plan On How To Wage War Against Russia And China Too Good To Be True?

Chinese naval vessels led by the aircraft carrier Liaoning participate in a military exercise in the Western Pacific in April 2018. REUTERS

Hal Brands, Japan times/Bloomberg: U.S. plan to fight China and Russia is too good to be true

WASHINGTON - An American war against China or Russia would be truly awful. Even if the United States won — no sure thing — it could well suffer costs and casualties that would make the toll of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars seem minor by comparison. So is there a way the U.S. could stymie a Chinese attack in the Pacific, or a Russian land-grab in Eastern Europe, without having to defeat enemy forces head-on? This is the motivating question behind the idea of “horizontal escalation.”

Horizontal escalation is a strategic concept that relies on attacking an adversary’s weaknesses outside the theater where the fighting started, so as to avoid confronting its strengths within that theater. It is an alluring idea that has won support from some key national security professionals. Unfortunately, it probably won’t work.

Horizontal escalation is a response to a genuinely difficult problem: the immense challenges associated with directly defeating Chinese or Russian aggression.

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WNU Editor: This is a good review on how "horizontal escalation" will be applied by the U.S. in any war against Russia or China. In short .... horizontal escalation is a strategic concept that relies on attacking China's or Russia's weaknesses outside the theater where the fighting started. In the case of Russia, it will be to attack Russian forces in places like Syria while imposing an all out trade and financial embargo. In the case of a Chinese attack in the Pacific, a naval blockade and complete financial/economic sanctions. The problem with this concept is that both countries will respond, and they will do so by attacking U.S. forces outside of the theatre where the fighting started, as well as attacking U.S. allies. And when that happens, I know in the case of Russia it will only be a short period of time before strategic nuclear weapons are used, and in the case of China, I can easily foresee the use of tactical weapons being used within a week.


Anonymous said...

Keep in mind, all 3 major nuclear powers - USA, Russia, China - are enemies of radical Islamists; they surely must hope to get a shooting war started between us, so they go to their nuclear heaven :D

Roger Smith said...

For that crowd, I want to use Reagan's neutron bomb.

Anonymous said...

The Neutron bomb and the Pershing II that John Kerry, Democrats and fellow travelers protested against, while they doing the bidding of the USSR and other communists?

The neutron bomb protested by those evil liberals. The Soviets funded the American Communist Party. The Soviets also seeded or assisted other groups. No group was too small or fringe. The Soviets had links to the Mattachine Society. The only reason this group was not pushed was because the American communists thought it would hurt the cause more than help.

So we have Doofus John Kerry marching in the Freeze Movement to help the Soviets. That is when he is not using his political influence to get his son fat Communist Chinese contracts.

Anonymous said...

Soviet Effort in Nuclear Freeze Rally Cited

Anonymous said...

Its sound reasoning for the USA to refuse to attack, both previous world wars saw America sitting on its hands. Infact when Japan attacked China no one did anything about it, all that happened was Germany attacked Poland a few years later, Russia attacked Finland.

USA's power players and law makers will never be able to grasp the concept of victory. They are taught about their own civil wars where dumb and dumber killed eachother. If there was a war with China and Russia it would be an alliance of country ready to fight them, fact of the matter is, the leading of said alliance would should and can never be an American, unless of course you are fine with defeat after defeat by some half ass attempt.


fred said...

With Russian connection to our president--yes, no firm evidence but he has met with Putin and no one knows why or what got said or done and he has not badmouthed anything Russia does--it seems a strange notion that Kerry and Dems are the pals of Russia. True it is that the GOP for years was anti commies; just this week our Senate under GOP refused to do anything to prevent Russkie interference in our elections.
All war scenario stuff is fun, perhaps, but my view is that nukes that all three nations have will continue to keep sensible leaders from the madness that such a war will bring. A war in fact that the winner will still be a big loser

Anonymous said...

World Peace Council

Christian Peace Conference

"The Christian Peace Conference (Czech: Křesťanská mírová konference) was an international organization based in Prague and founded in 1958 by Josef Hromádka, a pastor who had spent the war years in the United States, moving back to Czechoslovakia when the war ended and Heinrich Vogel, an evangelical theologian. Hromádka was a member of the Bureau of the World Peace Council. He was not a Marxist, but the Christian Peace Conference often endorsed positions taken by Eastern bloc governments. It has been alleged to have received $210,000 from Soviet sources"

So Gratitude spends the war years in America instead of Moscow where he would have been liquidated. Gratitude goes back to Czechoslovakia and kow tows to the Soviet line so they do not liquidate him after the war.

Stupid Quislings & Vichy in America join with him and still do.

Anonymous said...

Fred wants to interrogate the State Department interpreter and ask her things like

"Is it Safe"

Anyone, who is confused enough to call themselves a 'former, retired', cannot be taken seriously.

Clinton Campaign Cash from communist China.

That is okay in the atheist's POV.

Year of the Rat: How Bill Clinton Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese

Betrayal : How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Security

Donor to Clinton Foundation, McAuliffe caught up in Chinese cash-for-votes scandal - Washington Poop

Not All Foreign-Influence Scandals Are Created Equal

1996 United States campaign finance controversy

Anonymous said...


fazman said...

No one will use nukes, MAD still applies, and everyone knows it

Anonymous said...

"Clinton has enlisted the aid of Chinese neighborhood associations, especially those representing recent immigrants from Fujian province. The organizations, at least one of which is a descendant of Chinatown criminal enterprises that engaged in gambling and human trafficking, exert enormous influence over immigrants."

Where would a devout liberals be without Chinese money and human trafficking

Human trafficking is a liberal as Mom and apple pie is to normal Americans.

Well that is not a shocker. Democrats have been doing that since the Atlantic Slave Trade.

They are still doing it. See below.

Borrowed kids: DNA testing shows a third of those migrant 'families' aren't related

Authorities investigating criminal reports of men buying kids in Mexico before crossing US border

Democrats won't be happy until there are red light districts operating in the open 24/7 overflowing with fresh flesh.

Bills to Decriminalize Prostitution Are Introduced. Is New York Ready

It is why Democrat journalists, artists and politicians party with Epstein like it is 1999 after his conviction!

Anonymous said...

Key Player in Clinton Betrayal of U.S. Tells All in Secret Video

Clinton pictured with the Communist Chinese that paid him off and bought his ass.

B.Poster said...

Unless one can eliminate the nukes of the adversary in advance either through cyber attacks or other such sabotage that could be carried out by one's agents on the ground in the target country. Remember the US is very poor at cyber security, carrying out cyber attacks, and utilizing agents to covert enemy territory or so it seems. Adversaries such as Russia and China appear to excel at such areas. As such, I would be hesitant to Blythely assume MAD still applies. Some reports have indicated Russia now believes they can win a nuclear war with the US.

Also, remember the US neglected its nuclear deterrent for quite awhile. Candidate Trump recognized this and rightly questioned whether or not our arsenal would even work. He went on to say the first thing he did as POTUS was to fix this problem.

I think he did. After all huge progress has been made with NK and Iran seems genuinely desperate. Thanks to a genuine nuclear deterrent America's adversaries actually have something to fear!!

Russia and China seem to be behaving differently as well. Trump seems to have them off balance. Of course, as an Aussie, none of this matters to you. Your loved ones are completely safe. The heads of my loved ones are on the chipping block should this go wrong!!

Anonymous said...

Saramat seems imho to be a first srtike war winner coupled with the s500. If collapse of civilization is winning.

Unknown said...

What I’m personally concerned about is the erosion of MAD through use of battlefield nukes, like this:

What’s your opinion on that?