Friday, July 19, 2019

Syrian Rebels Are Claiming that Russian Special Forces Have Been Deployed In The Idlib Campaign

Russian-backed operations in and around Idlib province have yielded little to nothing [White Helmets/social media via Reuters]

Al Jazeera: Syrian rebels say Russia deploys ground troops in Idlib push

Reported deployment of ground forces in northwest Syria rejected by Russian foreign ministry.

Russia has sent special forces in recent days to fight alongside Syrian army troops struggling to make gains in a more than two-month assault in northwestern Syria to seize the last opposition bastion, senior rebel commanders told Reuters news agency.

The claims in Thursday's report were swiftly rejected by the Russian defence ministry.

"Russia has never had and has no ground forces in Syria," the ministry was cited as saying by Russia's RIA news agency.

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WNU Editor: Moscow is refuting this story .... Moscow Refutes Claims That Russian Ground Troops Present in Syria's Idlib (Sputnik). What's my take. There are thousands of Russian forces in Syria, I would not be surprised if Russian special forces are on the ground not only directing this fight, but directly involved.

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Anonymous said...

Where are the Americans?

Anonymous said...

This is bad news. It means Russian spec ops are getting some good training.

Andrew Jackson said...

Russkis will die! That is good news!!

Anonymous said...

The attrition won;t be that bad and they will build up their knowledge, traditions and espirit de corps.

I think some of it is a good thing, because they are killing ISIS, Al Qaeda and Turks.

Bob Huntley said...


Andrew Jackson said...

Give ISIS Javelins,Kill the stupid Putlerite beby killing nutjobs!!!

Anonymous said...

macho man on killing spree as he has milk and cookies at day care