Saturday, July 20, 2019

The new VH-92A (above) is being worked on by the Navy and other experts after one burneed the White House South Lawn during a test run last September

Bloomberg: Trump’s New Helicopter Has a Flaw: It Scorches the White House Lawn

The presidential helicopter isn’t supposed to leave scorch marks on the White House lawn. So the Navy and Lockheed Martin Corp. are working to fix a “high risk” problem after the new Marine One did just that in a test without the president on board.

The first in a $5 billion fleet of new Marine One helicopters is supposed to be ready to go into service by September 2020. President Donald Trump already has showcased the new aircraft with a flyover during his Fourth of July appearance in Washington.

The previously undisclosed episode occurred last September, during a test “conducted in a manner very different than normal Marine Helicopter Squadron One operations to the White House South Lawn,” Lieutenant Colonel Mike Andrews, a spokesman for the Pentagon’s testing office, said in an email.

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Update: Navy says Trump's new Marine One helicopters have a 'high risk' flaw they are trying to fix after an aircraft's exhaust scorched the White House Lawn on takeoff (Daily Mail).

WNU Editor: I am sure they will correct it before it goes into service next year.


RussInSoCal said...

Just install a heli-pad already.

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Anonymous said...

They didn't plan for landing in on some dry grass veldt? I guess it's all the Indian names they give helicopters; now they want to light the prairie and smoke out the enemy.