Friday, July 19, 2019

This Is The New U.S. Electronic Warfare Weapon That Was Used To 'Shoot Down' An Alleged Iranian Drone

The drone-jamming and controlling system picture here is similar to the kind seen mounted on the deck of the USS Boxer as it transited the Strait of Hormuz (Dalton S. Swanbeck / Marine Corps)

C4ISRNet: Marine jamming jeep sends unknown drone to the deep

Drone, the catch-all term for uncrewed flying vehicle, descends from a far more specific bit of jargon, once used exclusively to refer to aerial targets. Few aircraft are built for the express purpose of being destroyed, but targets are, and that more casual attitude towards the destruction of aerial robots has expanded to include the whole category of modern uncrewed apparatus. All of this is to say: through some means, forces on board a U.S. Navy vessel had an interaction with a drone, and likely sent it into the sea.

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Update: The New US Electronic Warfare Weapon Used in the Alleged Takedown of Iran's Drone-Report (Sputnik)

WNU Editor: Here is an easy prediction. After yesterday's downing of an Iranian drone, those who operate drones are going to think twice before approaching a U.S. warship.


jimbrown said...

Nice. Shhot down better than jammed.

jimbrown said...

Was the lazer the secondary?

Bob Huntley said...

Drones have been out there for a long time. It would be better if there was a hand held device available as it would take a lot of these vehicles to provide adequate protection.

They had better get the plans into copyright protection before the enemy builds a knockoff.

Anonymous said...

"They had better get the plans into copyright protection"

Because Iran, North Korea, Russia and China will respect the protection.

I think what you were looking for was patent protection not copyright.

"The Difference Between Copyright and Patent. Patents refer to an invention, whereas copyrights refer to the expression of an idea, such as an artistic work. They are governed by different rules, so it is important to know which is applicable to your works."

Is the English language hard for you? Just mo evidence that you are bot. I hope they do not pay you well, because you really suck at your job.

Anonymous said...

I know the difference. That is not me you are correcting. The statement would need fixing if published in paper or magazine but as the comment, you turn out to be a grammar nazi if you know what that means

Anonymous said...

I would expect Bob, the white collar dude, to know the difference.