Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Two-Thirds Of Canadians Reject Closer Ties To China. Want Huawei Banned From 5G Network

People hold signs calling for China to release Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig. Photo: Reuters

SCMP: Two-thirds of Canadians reject closer ties to China and want Huawei banned from 5G networks, poll says

* People’s perceptions of China have ‘deteriorated markedly’, pollster says
* Almost three-quarters of Canadians support government’s handling of Meng Wanzhou case

Canadians’ attitudes towards China and Huawei have worsened substantially in recent months, with more than two-thirds now rejecting closer ties with Beijing, and a similar proportion wanting Huawei banned from Canadian 5G networks, according to a survey.

The poll, conducted from July 6 to 9 by Research Co, also found increasing support for Canada’s handling of the case of Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei executive whose arrest in December at Vancouver’s airport sent Sino-Canadian relations plummeting.

Meng was detained at the request of US authorities, who are seeking her extradition on fraud and obstruction charges.

The poll was conducted among 1,000 adults in Canada, statistically weighted according to census figures for age, gender and region. It was not weighted for ethnicity.

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WNU Editor: The Canadian government has deferred any major decision on China until after elections this October.


Bob Huntley said...


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Robert Huntley refuses to condemn China.

Anonymous said...

anon refuses to stop acting like a phucking censor

Anonymous said...

Acting like a censor? You are the one who called for censorship of the comments, remember.

Bob Huntley said...


Maybe if you could get a bit more fucking in your life, or perhaps even some, you might have a better outlook.

China does and has done stuff that almost rivals what America does in spades, but, at least they don't go around preaching to the world how "great" they think they are. Just imagine what America would look like if they had over 1,420,313,828 people as of Saturday, July 20, 2019, based on the latest United Nations estimates, to look after.

Anonymous said...

"China does and has done stuff that almost rivals what America does in spades"

More assertions without concrete examples by by both countries to prove the point of a the whiner Bob.

China killed 50 million people in just a few years.

"they don't go around preaching to the world how "great" they think they are"

You have not talked to a lot of mainlanders have you. You should get out more and travel farther than your local McDonalds. You might lose weight chub.

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The petty insults and attacks by anonymous cowards and blowhards reduce this site. Look at your actions on a macro scale and see you are the enemy of logical discord. Your Opinions invalidated by your demeanor. Your arguments nulled by pride and willful instigations. Try another approach and step into the light.

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Complaining about your own behavior, is this a mantra?

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Fast Freddy could be using a space heater to keep warm 10 months in a year and be using in in July and the would still believe in Global Waum Waum

Air conditioner sales have decreased, because it is cooler AND Freddie complains that a commentator has provided no links/no proof.