Tuesday, July 16, 2019

What Is Russia's B-2 Look-Alike Stealth Drone Up To?

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David Axe, National Interest: Russia's New, Bizzare B-2 Look-alike Stealth Drone Is up to Something

But what?

The Chkalov satellite imagery indicates Hunter-B has a wingspan of around 50 feet, making it roughly the same size as the X-47B or an Su-34 manned fighter. Size confers volume and hints that Hunter-B, whatever its stealth qualities, might possess a large fuel load and a correspondingly long range.

Russia’s prototype stealth drone will make its first flight in July or August 2019, state media reported.

The Hunter-B drone will be fully autonomous and follow a pre-programmed flight path, according to Russian news agency TASS.

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WNU Editor: My gut tells me that this drone is going to be used for surveillance.

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No Iranians were used in the production of that aircraft.