Saturday, August 24, 2019

China's Military Power May Surpass The US's Faster Than You Think

People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers shout as they practise with knives during a training session on snow-covered ground at a military base in Heihe, Heilongjiang province March 18, 2015. REUTERS/China Daily

Ellen Ioanes, Business Insider: China's military power may surpass the US's faster than you think, thanks to 6 shrewd strategies

* China's military is well on its way to besting the US's technologic edge, due to rapid economic and military development.
* By stealing already-extant weapons technology, China is developing advanced weapons at a rapid pace. It's also figuring out how to disrupt the US's battlefield systems, working on long-range weapons, and leading the way on artificial intelligence.
* China is also developing highly secretive weapons which might include, "directed energy weapons, advanced space weapons, electromagnetic railguns, high-powered microwave weapons, or even more exotic arms," according to former Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert O. Work.

China's military power is quickly becoming the greatest threat to US military primacy. From posturing in the South China Sea to damaging hacking campaigns, the Chinese government is investing more time and resources into its military strategy, and it shows.

A June report from the Center for a New American Security, co-authored by former Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert O. Work, outlines the ways China's strategy and technology threaten to best the US in a great power struggle — and what the US can do to maintain its military primacy.

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WNU Editor: In my opinion, China has already surpassed the U.S. military (and everyone else) in the Asian theatre.


Anonymous said...

Wnu far from it


1. Differences in approaches. China is very bellicose and likes to show off/pretend even things they don't have. You and I are made to think what they want to portray, but reality remains this:

2. No significant modern war time experience. This must be horrible for any battlefield commander. To face the US and not know what to expect. The psychological pressure omg not ever fighting a major war will be a terrible learning curve going on while they face the US and. ..
2. The US allies. .NATO alone would cause terrible pain.

3. Supply chain mastery. This is so crucial in any conflict. The US already started using narrow AI back in the 90s for supply chain. See project DART

4. The US now knows who their enemy is. It took them a while to wake up but any advantages the Chinese had will fall away. Importantly the chinese spy program /Visa program next. .

5. Chinese bases: too few worldwide to make a difference. Any forward projected theatre and China cannot do it. The US has 100× more bases

6. a super power is not a super power if it cannot control its geographic neighbourhood. China is surrounded by - including nuclear neighbours like India - who are at their throats in no time if they act up

Sorry, wnu. .you're looking at it too superficially. Look behind the curtain in a Chinese hotel from time to time and you will see how much translates into their military curtain

Anonymous said...

7. Markets and perception: despite our own media talking our own countries and people down -with cnn being close to treasoneous - it is not surprising how well we do. Why? Because the world has decided it wants to buy cheap shit,yes, but doesn't want to live under this fascist Chinese rule

8. Diversity IS strength on the battlefield. China is an ethno state ruled by a 100%ethnic Chinese party. Think of the images. Chinese killing whites. Chinese killing black (we all know about the hyperracism chinesr have towards blacks. Well too bad for you. They will come visit) and on and on. China is a cancerous community and the World knows it. Even Putin ,as much as he pretends. He will not stand by while chinese kill Christians and Caucasians.

The game was over before it started.

Hans Persson said...

This is a bit of a lol. No one can surpass the US to date. Its all practice and experience. And the US has been at war since 2001.

I have been saying this for a long time...

Anonymous said...

The CCP included a Uighur female millionaire. So the Chinese have tried. She defected. Since 1949 the Chinese gov. has been sensitive to various aspects of culture. Beef has been prioritized to Muslims and not given pork until the re-education/detainment camps. They have not made the British mistake, which is not to say they have not made mistakes or have not been arrogant.

Islam has not been singled out for persecution. They are not special. The government is against all religion, Christian, Buddhist, Falun Gong, or Islam. Visit a Buddhist shrine in China as a tourist and you will see government minders watching. I don't like this; I am just pointing out the government is being even handed if heavy handed (mailed fist).

I think almost anyone can become Chinese except White Russians. It is more about cliques than ethnicity.

B.Poster said...

I agree with the editor. China has surpassed the US and it's "allies" in Asia. With that said perhaps we can inflict enough pain on them in a war that they will choose to avoid it.

Also, given the tendency of US officials and top leadership to overestimate our capabilities, overestimate the strength of our alliances, underestimate the capabilities of adversaries and potential adversaries, as well as underestimate the strength of the alliances of adversaries and potential adversaries, IMHO there's a very good chance that China has surpassed the US and it's adversaries everywhere, not just Asia. These are opinions based upon what the bearers of such opinions believe to be a careful analysis. The only way to actually "know" is to actually have the conflict.

In particular the experience factor, a series of fruitless missions around the world that not only didn't advance our (American) interests but actually IMHO undermined them have led to a worn down and depleted military that suffers from exhaustion, low morale, substandard leadership, and training lapses. In a military conflict with a major power, basic national defense may be problematic let alone actually challenging the enemy in their so called backyard. The US may well win such a conflict but American casualties would likely be extremely high and not limited to military personnel.

The only way to "know" whose "opinion" is correct is to actually have the military confrontation. What the "opinion" is of those who set policy is will have a profound impact on what decisions are made and how forces are deployed and how and when military actions are ubdertaken. It's vitally important INHO that we (Americans) get this right.

Hans Persson said...

It's clearly that you don't know what you're talking about.

Wherever in the world, against whoever, the US would just steamroll anyone due to .experience. I cant stress this enough. To enlighten you a little, read up on what the US did during the first air stages in the first Iraq war. I don't have the YT link in my head, but there is an docu about it there.

With that in your knowledge, it's pretty easy to see where a war with the US would go. And it would be fast. (this all is without nukes of course)

Caecus said...

A war with China, in China's back yard, would be a massive conflict the US hasn't experienced since Korea or even the Pacific War.

I don't think invading and occupying third world countries is a preparation for this kind of conflict. Any US troops in Asia would end up fighting 10 or 20 to 1 odds.

Hans Persson said...

Trying to invade China, or any country, to date, would be difficult, agreed. Or mopping up. But the actual "war" would go superfast.

Fusion said...

Iraq really only looked tough on paper. With old equipment and being worn out and exhausted military force after Iran, of course the US took no time bombing the shit outta them.

Anonymous said...

BPoster doing his stick haha WNU should pay you for it. Well both of you have Russian background, so you tend to think, well like a Russian... it shows haha

Honestly, China will not stand a chance, just think for once

1. Markets have already decided and are fleeing China - how else would you describe what's going on? Most financial centers feel deserted, when have you last been? I was there this week (Shanghai, Beijing)

2. The world population - as previous post said - is ethnically diverse and will identify with the US/European struggle, which is ethnically diverse and free. No one but North Korea and Iran will join this madness of slavery the Chinese propose and even the Iranians may think twice, because they know how much the Chinese party detests them and anyone who doesn't submit to a godless party-rules all state. No thanks.

3. NATO alone has multiple(!) nuclear powers, including France, the US, England. Some shared nukes accessible by others.

4. A world wide network of bases, UAVs, satellites, underwater detection systems.. all this is being done by the Chinese now too, true, but I think we all know who the masters still are, and who sank the Russian sub just a few weeks ago when they tried to fuck with our cables. It wasn't the Chinese. It was the US military under Trump. And who smoked the 200 Russian soldiers that tried to "accidentally" storm a US base 2 years ago? Well, again it was the US military under Trump. He does not fuck around. And when the nuclear missile shield program was cancelled last week, that was a first-strike message to North Korea and potentially China. He will not take a risk. He will not be fucked with, do not underestimate the US determination under this guy. For 30(!) years he has been standing firm on the China issue - well documented on old NBC interviews you can watch on YouTube. In the 80s he said this is his #1 issue. He has not once wavered from it. He is serious on this issue. And that alone, with markets clearly showing they have decided - weighs heavily. If our own leaders (Europe) would follow him, we would derisk the entire situation and be done with it in a year's time. If they (MERKEL!) again follow what her previous friend Obama wanted (leading from behind, appeasement, etc) then we are looking at a generational conflict, which we will still win, but it will be cold war x 10. Russia, if they keep making the mistake to appease China - who hates Russian Orthodoxy(how many times do I need to repeat this here), - would only increase their own misery. People want to be free. Demonstrations in Moscow WILL Have yellow vests next time, Putin basically begged for it, and the political prisoner released today has confirmed it will come hehe, so yeah, Putin cannot keep on doing this old Bullshit of glorious Sovjet Union dreams, that is over and people do not want it. What they want is what Europe and the US have, and we welcome them with open arms once Putin is gone, and China knows this. So they hope and beg that aging Putin will be dumb enough but of course he won't. Even a Putin of 2019 will outmatch Xi hundred times over. This Xi fool, what has he accomplished other than crashing China's rise, making enemies out of every single country in South-East-Asia? Please, Putin will have him for breakfast, we all know it. So Putin will align with Europe unless he wants to go down as fool who doomed his country.

It's over for China. If you don't see it, you must be as blind as the people who thought Mueller has anything.

B.Poster said...


I admit to not having full knowledge. Tge only way to do this would be to have access to inside information in trial time which I don't have. Even people who have such information can make mistakes.

We keep reading and we keep trying to learn. I will reiterate the only way to "know" is an actual conflict.

You cite the first Gulf War. Very respectfully this is a comparison of apples to oranges when analyzing a conflict between America, its "allies" and modern China along with its allies.

America was stronger relative to adversaries and potential adversaries than it is today. Post Cold War 1 we dislocated resources based upon Blythe assumptions that even then could have easily disproved IMHO.

Essentially Fusion is correct. Little can be added except to point out the Iraqi military leadership made strategic and tactical errors that helped ensure a much less costly "victory" for the "coalition" than it probably should have or could have been. In turn IMHO many leaders speak officially Americans reached the wrong conclusions from this regarding US and and "allied" power.

Essentially, at a minimum, the opinion of the editor has merit and not only do I tend to agree but Chinese military superiority may have even extended beyond simply Asia and the South China Sea by now.

Furthermore the US military would likely face much the same challenges of being worn out and exhausted in a war against China that Iraq faced against Anerica in 1991. As such, the US military may look tougher "on paper" than it actually is.

As an American, especially if we get this wrong, the heads of my loved ones are on the chopping block. As such I consider it of vital importance that we get this right. Thank you for the reply.

Anonymous said...

Ceacus - you are quite right, a war in the Asia Pacific would be terrible odds. That's why the war would not be conducted in normal manner.

It would most likely be nuclear and involve technologies we are not fully aware of yet. The US military has been open about all the work they are doing. But we all know the shadow budgets the US has. Has had for decades. The shit that's flying around in the US skies, we all know of the videos. It's not Russian. It's not Chinese. So my guess is that they managed to crack anti-matter drives or something of that sort, with that kind of acceleration and maneuverability. Then the prolonged space missions where we also don't know what's going on. We give the US military a lot of crap, but pound for pound ask yourself this: how much is experience worth (US clear winner by far) and how much would experience influence how you prepare for war (I believe here too US is the clear winner, because they saw this conflict coming for decades - it is the obvious scenario, and they will have plans in place. I am sure this economic conflict is part of it, and it looks very, very good so far, despite all what our leftist media tries to do, or we assume they are trying to do, as horrible and treasonous it appears)

Anyways, my money is on the US, and the markets seem to agree. Just don't believe what you hear on CNN "analyses" lol more anal than anything else, looking at what Don Lemon is known for.. and now also Cuomo.. boy oh boy, what a network ;)

Anonymous said...

532. China still can’t produce a reliable 4th gen jet engine.

B.Poster said...

I do not have Russian background. Of course you'd know this if you read all of my posts in their entirety. You seem to be a very insightful person so I'm assuming you simply copied what others posted and didn't question it It's a common mistake. I'm sure I've done it before.

For you I'm going to provide you with information to verify my identity. Ny name is Robert Foshee. I'm a Certified Public Accountant from Conroe, TX. My company website is For additional search me on Facebook under "Rob Foshee" or Google "Robert Foshee CPA Conroe TX" or "Foshee and Associates PLLC." Now that you have been properly informed you will not need to persist in such slander which is by definition internet trolling.

For what it's worth your analysis has merit and I actually hope and pray its accurate. If so, this means that China is a paper dragon.

Time permitting I will try address each of the very interesting points you raise. Thank you for the reply

Anonymous said...

But anon @151, cnn told me for years we all should bow down to our Chinese overlords. Weird the same cnn crew who makes all that Chinese ad money. The same crew with all the people who drive division among race and gender lines in this country. The same people who wanted to abandon the foundations of our legal system (remember Kavanaugh? These principled people - including Don Lemon who sexually assaulted /disgustingly so someone - wanted to abandon due process and shouted to always believe the victim. Usually those who shout like this have sinned themselves and overcompensate. ..right, Lemon? Right Cuomo? Haha) but anyways.. I think we will win this conflict and easily so if we also recognise our own strengths and the mad/weak people among us who want to divide us for their own sins and virtue signaling. Cnn has gone on long enough for my test and it's a network that should be looked into. Also how they tried to talk the US population/their viewers out of the 100bn USD weapons deal Trump made with Saudi Arabia. If they had managed in this the only two countries capable of filling this deal (100,000,000,000!) would have been Russia and China. But so they tell us, Trump is the idiot. They tell us he cannot lead ..that he is a racist. A sexist. A Nazi. Yet again and again CNN sides with China and Russia. Weird. Oh and then there is there cnn Turk network where they goosestep to Erdogan's tune. Repeated and agreed verbatim to what he wanted to happen to that weapons deal. Hmm.. oh and AT&T bought CNN/Turner just a few weeks ahead of the 2016 US election.

Perhaps some serious journalist looks at this for once.