Saturday, August 17, 2019

Despite U.S. Pressure, No European Nation Has Agreed To Take In Captured ISIS Fighters

Men suspected of being ISIS fighters walk toward a screening point in Syria’s Deir Ezzor province on March 6, 2019. (File photo: AFP)

Daily Mail: Trump officials' pleas to take back jihadis failing: no European nations have agreed to take in captured ISIS fighters, despite White House pressure campaign

* The White House and State Department are pressuring governments in Europe to take back thousands of jihadis and their brides captured when ISIS collapsed
* Officials are pushing governments including those of Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel to take back their citizens
* Trump wants guarantees they will not be allowed to roam the streets unchecked
* So far his administration has had no takers, and Trump has threatened to drop radicals off at their doorsteps, if a deal can't be reached
* Donald Trump arrives in France next Saturday for the G7 summit of the world’s largest economies and will meet all three leaders face to face

The White House and State Department are pressuring governments in Europe to take back thousands of jihadis and their brides captured when ISIS collapsed – and having no success.

Officials are pushing governments including those of Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel to take back their citizens - and to guarantee that they will not be allowed to roam the streets unchecked, a source familiar with the conversations told

Donald Trump arrives in France next Saturday for the G7 summit of the world’s largest economies and will meet all three leaders face to face; in Johnson’s case it will be their first meeting since the British politician took office as the UK’s new prime minister.

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WNU Editor: Many of these captured ISIS fighters have committed unspeakable crimes. The prospect of having thousands of these ISIS fighters back in Europe is justifiably sending shivers in every government that has been asked to take them back.


Anonymous said...

We must have the highest penalties for -anyone- (yes including women!!) who joins ISIS. Only exception is for children. Women must also take responsibility for enabling these murderers. Many have supported them and joined them for a "romantic" adventure .. all murderers.

Roger Smith said...

Why aren't they given training in shovel technology and sent back to clean up the devastation and dig up mass graves?

Bob Huntley said...

There will be problems over time as these people (using the term people with reluctance) become more desperate. Eventually there will come more ISIS babies too. That will be a heartbreaking scenario.

Perhaps the country responsible for creating the problem in the first place, invading a non offending country, should take them in. What do you think Anon?

Anonymous said...

Roger - great idea.
I really think these people need at least 10 years hard prison labour.. road construction or better yet, just let them hack huge stones to small pieces, day in and out, for 10 years, so they can think what they did.. and then after 10 years, perhaps execute the worst of them. I am so sick of these ISIS fanatics ,we have had enough of this demented, idiotic, ape-like fanatics who worship texts filled with lies instead of each other

Anonymous said...

Why would you take these ISIS POWs?

As soon as you the whole Hit Parade of freaks and other liberals come out of the wood work. the Eurotrash equivalent of the American Communist Liberties Union (ACLU) will say both you cannot hold them forever and you should not be holding them at all.

Ware is not conducive to prosecuting crimes. You can point to a large number of crimes prosecuted and make the “big number” argument, but what is the clearance rate?
1) The battlefield is not conducive to preserving criminal evidence. Sometimes the records are destroyed during war via air campaign or the criminals destroy the records themselves. The Croats had concentration camps. You do not here much about it, because they destroyed the records before they were overrun.
2) Many of the witnesses are dead, displaced or unknown.
3) Many criminals are dead or in hiding and so are not available to testify against other criminals. You are not going to roll as many people like you do in civilian life.
4) The elites are not going to go thru the expense for 3,000 or more trials with a scarcity of evidence.
You’ll have liberals like Bob complain that Germany is an evil country, because they stole land from the Obodrites or Sorbs and thus is born in original sin. They’ll go along with the Eurotrash version of the ACLU and will object that the criminals were not read their Miranda rights, were not allowed access to the embassy personnel from the Middle East or European country, or some other BS.

Think the embassy angle is BS? Mollie Tibbetts murdered was an illegal. The criminal took the police to the body way out in the countryside and described beforehand the method of murder. The Defense attourneys want everything thrown out because the criminal did not talk to the Mexican embassy.

So it looks like the murderer is set for life. He can sign autographs in Cancun, Mexico while sipping mai tais. There will be lots of liberal groupies wanting his autograph so they can take a stand against white supremicists.

Why would the Europeans want these war criminals, they are not going to be able to prosecute the majority of them and so the default option in a liberal/mad world is to let them go to offend again and again.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Bob Cuntley. Saudi Arabia should take them in. Islam has been invading other nations since its founding.

Anonymous said...

They all should be executed. How pathetic and weak the West is! No wonder it will fall to the Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Send them to Saudi Arabia is perhaps a good idea.. let them SEE and the world witness how a Islamic (slightly extremist) nation treat their own haha

Maybe they will then appreciate the west.. think of how good we have it here and what we offer all who live here and live here peacefully..

Instead, they decided to kill us and innocent people. And HOW they killed innocent people.. Burning them, cutting their throats... lets not forget.

But equally all murderers and war profiteers/war mongerers on our side, should be executed too. I am so sick of all sides profiting of war (I don't mean the industry, I mean the people who incite violence and war, including politicians). It is insane. Anyone who profits of this is sick, demented. Anyone who promotes war should be executed, so we all learn

Anonymous said...

War profiteers? Like Obama?

AZuLike said...

Rodger it could be like that movie Holes with shia le bouf I cant spell his name. Difference though you run you get shot 😏

Bob Huntley said...

Passing off responsibility to others is typical cowardice activity.

Anonymous said...

I quite agree Bob ... you coward.

RussInSoCal said...

It was a big mistake to have "captured" any of these ISIS fighters.

Bob Huntley said...


RussInSoCal said...

Keep up with your feminine, passive aggressive horseshit, Bob. It becomes you.


RussInSoCal said...

Its a little too much for these nations to receive these dangerous derelicts. Many of whom they allowed to incubate on their own soil.

Hans Persson said...

They treat ISIS members better then nazis. That is wrong. Nazis were more humane. This confuses me a lot.

RussInSoCal said...


Its the fear of modern society of fighting a war to victory. Transnational Progressives (tranzies) and left wing globalists have infested all levels of Western governments. Creating the indoctrination of their citizens to despise their own nations. Manufacturing a self-loathing of one's own identity. Making it impossible to wage war in the manner of the allies during WWII. Because that would be "genocide".

Given the current mind set of 21st century leftists - their collective hatred of Jews in particular - they would likely side with a present-day iteration of the WWII Axis. Making the West the de facto enemy of the the "global good" or whatever.

Its easy to find. Just read some of the dribble posted on this site by certain commenters.

Bob Huntley said...

For the benefit of the lessor educated on this board:

Ditto means the same as what has already been said, the same as what has been written above, the same as what has been written before. Ditto may be a noun, the plural is dittos. Ditto may also be an adverb. As a transitive verb, which is a verb that takes an object, ditto means to make duplicates or to do again. Related words are dittos, dittoed, dittoing. Ditto comes from the Italian detto in the early 1600s, and was originally used to avoid repeating the month and year in writing a series of dates. By the 1670s, ditto came to mean the same as above or aforesaid, in written English. By the 1770s ditto came to be used as a spoken verb, meaning to express agreement with what has been said by another. Soon, ditto came to mean a duplicate or exact resemblance. Ditto machines were popular through the twentieth century, making paper copies through a mimeograph process. Ditto machines were abandoned with the advent of Xerox machines.

A ditto mark (or ditto sign) is a symbol (“) which signifies ditto, meaning the same as above or before. The plural is ditto marks.

On the other hand I have explained the meaning of ... when I post that in the hopes of being notified if and when intelligent comments are made. Often though there are very few that are.

Sometimes posting ... is a much more courteous than posting derisive, ignorant comments about inane posters.

RussInSoCal said...


It took you very near three hours to come up that long line of inane bullshit. I sat down and countered it within 45 seconds of reading it. You condescending twat.

The difference is that I was spending time with friends at dinner. Drinking, joking and roistering.

You were busy studying, obsessing, hating. All Alone.

LOL! This board is your only social outlet and you've failed at it!



Anonymous said...


Come on, both of you. ..that's just insane. Everyone is just having fun here. No one really means anything mean.

Right? :)

Bob Huntley said...


If you are talking about the Ditto post it took you longer to read it than it took me to cut and paste it.

Anonymous said...


I'll give this kudos to Bob. While he might not know its marital status, its gender, or its work history, it still knows that it is a dyed-in-the-wool Leftist.

Anonymous said...

Russ commenting on someone else failing socially, LOL
I think the east county sun has depleted most brain cells that may have been available to render constructive thought