Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Has President Trump Made The U.S. A 'Laughing Stock' Because Of Greenland?

Abigail Tracy, Vanity Fair: “He Has Made Us a Laughing Stock”: Diplomats Stunned by Trump’s Feud With Denmark

“Sometimes it is hard to believe that what Trump is saying and doing on the world stage is actually happening,” said the former ambassador to NATO. “This is one of those days.”

Donald Trump’s preposterous fixation with buying Greenland, initially treated as a distraction by American media and a joke by the Danish government, became less amusing Tuesday night when the president declared that he would be canceling his planned diplomatic trip to Denmark in retaliation. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen had told the White House, that Greenland, an autonomous territory in the Arctic, wasn’t Denmark’s to sell.

“Sometimes it is hard to believe that what Trump is saying and doing on the world stage is actually happening,” said Nicholas Burns, the former U.S. ambassador to NATO. “This is one of those days.” Denmark, after all, is a key partner in the North Atlantic alliance, and was among the first countries to pledge military support in Iraq and Afghanistan. More than 40 Danish troops died in Helmand province, fighting alongside American and British soldiers.

“I realize this is yet another bizarre and humorous Trump moment for the late night talk shows here in the U.S.,” Burns told me. “But, for the rest of the world, particularly our allies, it is simply shocking how far America has fallen from grace in their eyes.”

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WNU Editor: Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen picked the fight by saying it was absurd. The proper response was to simply say no. President Trump should not have cancelled the trip. This was one of those moments where you object to another leader's remarks privately. As to former U.S. diplomats like never-Trumper Nicholas Burns saying this is making the U.S. a "laughing stock". My response is no. It does the opposite. You attack the U.S. President or the U.S., expect blow-back from this President.


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Anonymous said...

Its weird for sure but one consequence is Denmark will have to pay more to Greenland. The later just realized the USA is a bidder as is China. China has been trying to buy enough infrastructure in Greenland to control it. Can Denmark afford Greenland? All in all I wish this whole caper never happened.

Crusader said...

I just love it how one ridiculous remark will dominate the news cycle for another 24/48 hours.
Say and think what you will, I have to commend him on his media strategy - everyone keeps falling for it time and time again...

Anonymous said...

What is nice about Trump s that he is not a Bush, not a Bbeltway Republican, not a punching bag, ...

RussInSoCal said...

You should hear the pinched, sniveling angst coming out of Danish MP's over this thing. I think Denmark is a laughing stock.

I'm all for the Greenland buy - as long as there's giant statue...



Haruka said...

Man I hate trump, most of the time, but if we were able to buy Greenland I would have hated him less. Maybe in the future we can buy Greenland; he would have gotten my vote if he could have pulled it off.

Anonymous said...

Not quite so strange, actually, when you consider that we did PURCHASE all or part of the following states from OTHER NATIONS:

N Dakota
S Dakota
New Mexico

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Anonymous said...

What pathetic is to push party politics and personal believes to a national level, and stating as a fact that a specific person's opinion is equal to a group of people, without even looking into the matter at the first place.

It's no wonder that the Danish don't want to sell Greenland in this day and age, no one could blame them for that, but ridiculing the offer is wrong, since:
- Greenland is a very autonomous territory of Denmark
- 90% of the population of Greenland are natives, not Danish
- Danish is not an official language in Greenland, but Greenlandic is

Greenland is not Denmark, but a colony of it that is in the middle of it's very long way to independence. Its just a matter of time when Greenland leaves behind Denmark for good, so exactly because of that it would be the most logical for Denmark to make cash on it while they own it, but that would hurt some ego.

At the end of the day it the people of Greenland ( ~55.000 ) who should vote, and decide that do they want to be a part (state) of the US ( which is a privilege in this age, say whatever), or not, but not by some party politician from Denmark, or former ambassadors. The situation would be a win for both Greenland and the US.

Anonymous said...

Greenland's claim to their share of the arctic oil fields will fuel Denmark's economy once that gets into full swing. The amount of money they would need to even think about giving up those resources is probably astounding. The royalties they will be able to extract from the oil companies is going to make all the years of paying for Greenland's public services worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

"Greenland's claim to their share of the arctic oil fields will fuel Denmark's economy "

Dem waters ice free yet?

Anonymous said...

"Dem waters ice free yet?"

Don't worry, we are working on that real hard.

Anonymous said...

Corn Belt Update Mid-August 2019

If you know what a tree line is, then the concept of the northern limit of the corn belt should make sense. If it doesn't, then maybe you are just following your AGW cult leaders.

Developing nations surging energy use shatters UN & California’s climate alarmism crusade

Do not opine or predict that if we cross threshold x and when we do, you dom not say we are screwed and you fly to your AGW in jets instead of video conferencing.

Do not scream at westerners about crossing threshold x and not do the same to the BRIC nations or the developing world. Time to bring back some ancient American traditions such as riding the rail and tar and feathering.

Anonymous said...

Okay but your anger at the BRICs doesn't change the fact that Exxon, Shell, BP, etc are all focused on arctic exploitation right now.

Anonymous said...

The us is the laughing stock of the world...I mean come on...the Fox News President.