Wednesday, August 21, 2019

U.K. And German Leaders: Too Early To Include Russia In G-7

Bloomberg: Too Early to Include Russia in G-7, Say U.K. and German Leaders

Russia ought not to be invited back into the Group of Seven major economies yet, Germany’s Angela Merkel and the U.K.’s Boris Johnson said on Wednesday.

Their comments during a joint press conference in Berlin come after U.S. President Donald Trump said earlier this week that he would give it serious consideration if somebody made the motion to return Russia to the group.

Merkel said there had been “certain developments” in the Minsk process and that more progress would create a new situation, referring to Russia’s expulsion from the G-8 in 2014 over its annexation of Crimea and support for separatists in eastern Ukraine.

“Today, we haven’t made so much progress that I could say the reasons of 2014 have expired,” said Merkel. Johnson said he sided with Merkel on the issue, citing Russia’s provocations in the U.K. and elsewhere.

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WNU Editor: They said "too soon" not "no".


RussInSoCal said...

Note to EUnichs: Its gonna be hard to keep the nation that's supplying 70% of your natural gas out of the soon-to-be G8 for very long.



Roger Smith said...

Oh now Russ,

Germany will live off their wind and solar. Why, they did it in the dark ages without wind so this time it will be different because they have wind AND solar now. No need to go back to coal, either.


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Anonymous said...

Both Australia and UK have had recent outages due to the instability caused by renewable energy.

The cost of unstable, dirty power is damaged electrical and electronics. If you want to replace all computer twice or four times as often, go with stupid (liberal) power.

The UK power outage was a once in 30 year event. We shall see. We were also told that the Arctic ice cap would also be gone by now.

Bojo is new.

IMO Merkel has no right to say anything without being laughed out of the room.