Wednesday, August 21, 2019

U.S. Defense Intelligence Chief: 'China Plans To Use Information To 'Dominate In The Future'

Washington Examiner: China plans to use information to 'dominate in the future,' says defense intelligence chief

China's government plans to leverage the growing data industry and cutting-edge technologies as part of its strategy to get an edge on its competitors, according to the Department of Defense's intelligence chief.

The data industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, set to reach $100 billion by 2020, and China is laser-focused on using it to its advantage when competing with the U.S., according to Army Lt. Gen. Robert Ashley, the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

"[I]nformation is how China plans to dominate in the future. That is their strategy," Ashley said during a keynote address at a conference in Tampa, Florida, on Monday.

"That is their strategy to get behind decision advantage."

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WNU Editor: Quoting Francis Bacon .... Knowledge is power, or in this case, data is power.


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RussInSoCal said...

With their brothers in arms, Google, Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft I’m sure they will find an qeasy path.

Bob Huntley said...

Decades ago when I worked in system development the programmers, hundreds of them, were basically Chinese, as were their managers.