Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Future U.S. Military Doctrine Will Be Decided By Advancements In Technology


Bob Scales, National Interest: The Future of U.S. Military Doctrine Will Be Decided by Technology

The prospect of a future conflict with China or Russia is forcing the U.S. military to reexamine its current doctrine.

Doctrine is an Army’s game plan. Doctrine not only tells an Army how to fight but also communicates intent to the fighting forces from those in the institutional Army who are the gatekeepers of ideas. The progression that leads to doctrine stretches across a temporal “reverse highway” that begins well into the future with a vision of how future wars will be fought. At some point along the highway visioning solidifies into warfighting concepts. All too often the concept phase of this journey is where dead ends and misleading road signs appear. Visioning is cheap and ephemeral. Concepts, on the other hand, ossify ideas and turn them into opinions. Opinions, even false ones, are defended by those whose influences are at stake. Opinions lead to investments that launch programs. Eventually, the highway ends at the doctrinal present, as organizations and weapons emerge to provide the tools and formations to fight our wars.

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WNU Editor: Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, has a different point of view .... US needs to change how it fights wars (Erik Prince, Asia Times).


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Covering up the corruption: GOP tries to block probe of Mike Pence's Ireland trip Mike Pence spent $600,000 on limousine rides so he could stay at Trump's resort in Ireland. Republicans don't care
Kentucky Democrats say state "improperly" deactivated 150,000 voters weeks before election - Kentucky officials have listed more than 150,000 voters as "inactive" just weeks before key state elections
Pennsylvania state Sen. Mike Folmer arrested on child porn charges
Trumpian legacy — Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski took his tough-guy act to Capitol Hill Tuesday, putting on proud display the pro-Trump cowboy image he hopes to ride to a Senate candidacy.
A New York municipal judge has resigned and been permanently barred from judicial office after posting an image to Facebook of a noose with a “Make America Great Again” caption.
Trump blames Beto O'Rourke for difficult gun debate after AR-15 comment at Democratic debate
Trump rebuts Graham: My response to Iran 'was a sign of strength'[ha ha ha]

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Michelle Obama took 1 or 2 whole floors of a Spanish hotel. Official business?

I do not give a flying F___ about Pence and about whatever. Democrats have lied so much.

Beto? The rich kid who has not accomplished much. The rich kid who was a teenage hacker? Without his daddy's money Beto would be out on the street. I would rather trust a Mexican immigrant legal or illegal (barring tattoos) rather than Beto.

Unable to comprehend databases, Parrot does not understanding voting rolls. Nor does it care.

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your simplisticd retort: so and so does not understand etc with the assumption that you understand all things...nope. you are right wing hack
example: Beto is this and that. And Trump?" daddy gave him tons of money, he has many failed businesses, refuses to reveal tax returns but claims he is very wealthy. But that is ok
You like Pence: butt boys kissing trumpian ass

Roger Smith said...

Erik Prince article.

I'd like some clarity from him. Instead, in this call for change, we have more vague-speak. Like most politicians.
I do agree with his criticism of the "spend it or lose it" budget process having experienced it's use first hand.
He had his opportunity in Iraq and was shown to be lacking.

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Trump Wants a Torture Proponent to Lead U.S. Human Rights Policy. The Senate Should Say No

Greta Thunberg Tells Congress: 'We Don't Want to Be Heard, We Want the science to Be Heard'⁠—Gets Applause
Parents of UN students don’t want them in photo op with Melania Trump
'Abhorrent': Trump Condemned After Showing More Concern for Real Estate Than Human Beings in Remarks on Homelessness
Corey Lewandowski testimony is best evidence of obstruction of justice -

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Greta Thunberg is fake (& almost hideously ugly). She along with all the other indoctrinated students wrote an environmental essay. They she was recruited to stage a demonstration by her handlers. She went viral from there.

Being young there is hope she might gain some level of consciousness unlike Parrot.

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The problem with parrots are they are stupid beyond belief.

"If we cut emissions today, global temperature average is not likely to drop for about a thousand years"

- Tim Flannery (a.k.a Flim Flammery) March 2011

Translation from Australian

"What the heck does CO@ have to do with climate"

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CO2 is a greenhouse type gas that traps radiation coming from the sun once it has passed it at more energetic (shorter) wave length and then doesn't make it back through the gas because once it bounces off the ground it loses energy (becomes longer waves)..other gases trap more but CO2 is among them

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Dihydrogen monoxide is a very, very nasty greenhouse gas. It does not have as much green house effect as CO2, but there is so much more of it. It is dangerous.

We should cut 90% of dihydrogen monoxide in 20 years, so that the oceans do not rise 6 inches by 2100.

I'll be dead by 2100, but fete my now as a great visionary and PAY ME! There will be no clawback in 2100, because the check will bounce (I'll be dead SUCKERS)!

Anonymous said...

"CO2 is a greenhouse type gas "

You do realize that certain properties sometimes rely on multiple variables

Y = F (x,y,z, ...)

Why the fuck are you just looking at CO2? Because someone told you to?

Why don't you complete the process and get a nose ring so that you can be properly led.

The warmunists said they had the answers and there models were 'good'. Some one asked what about extra solar ionizing radiations effects on clouds. The 'exspurts' cried "Bullshit! You are just a meteorologists" Then CERN back up the PhD meteorologists.

So where does that leave us? The exspurts said they had a complete model and they did not.
Also, their doomsday showdown date keeps moving. That is they keep moving the goal posts.

That is their predictions do not come true.

That is they are lying shits.

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