Friday, September 20, 2019

How Many Nuclear Facilities Is Iran Hiding?

A nuclear power plant in Iran. Photo: Tasnim News Agency via Wikimedia Commons.

Tzvi Kahn, RCD: Just How Many Nuclear Facilities Is Iran Hiding?

It happened again.

Last week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – his career now hanging by a thread after a split vote in Tuesday’s election – announced that Israel had discovered yet another covert nuclear site in Iran, this time in the city of Abadeh. “In this site,” he said, “Iran conducted experiments to develop nuclear weapons.” But when Iranian leaders realized that Israel was on to them, “they destroyed the site. They just wiped it out.” Satellite imagery presented by Netanyahu appears to confirm the demolition.

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WNU Editor: As long as inspectors are limited on what to inspect, we can only assume the worse when it comers to Iran.


Anonymous said...

As long as inspectors are limited on what to inspect, we can assume the worst of Obama and the Democrats.

Meatheads are still going to insist it was a good deal.

fred said...

It was a good deal!
If Iran broke the deal, our nation and allies would be justified in bombing
If no deal, Iran justified in going ahead in making nukes and we would be aggressor nation if we bombed.

Anonymous said...

Iran did break the deal.

- It had nuclear bob activity at undeclared sites.
- Breaking a deal is not casus belli in and of itself.

- Deal or no deal a bellicose Iran can be attacked. You do not have to wait until an aggressor nation attacks you in particular.

What do you know of 'twelver' theology?

Was England right in declaring war on Germany in 1939. Germany had not attacked Britain. By your way of thinking there is no justification for France or England declaring war on Germany. None.

fred said...

On this day in 1939, in response to Hitler’s invasion of Poland, Britain and France, both allies of the overrun nation declare war on Germany. The first casualty of that declaration was not German—but the British ocean liner Athenia, which was sunk by a German U-30 submarine that had assumed the liner was armed and belligerent

An ally invaded. Allies responded.

Bob Huntley said...


Sam said...

This is why I say...No one will win this war. Like Albert Einstein said. "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."